Well, I start my first ever match report from the car still en route (I’m not driving for a change.) It’s been a nightmare journey. I’m usually well past Leeds with the time I’ve been in the car on a usual trip to Newcastle. But kick off is 50 mins away and I’m still at least 30 mins away from Turf Moor.

If Twitter is to believed we are in for a surprise within the team tonight.


Intrigue soon turned to disappointment with the news we were without Merino.

Not that the team relies on one player, but we love him don’t we! My optimism that I’d witness another premier league Newcastle win was still high.

Oh how I was wrong.

Incredibly with 10 mins to spare we found a parking space pretty near the ground. I was with my usual match day buddy, Dad. Half way to the ground and he shouts BOLLOCKS! I’ve left my glasses in the car. So a few more minutes wasted there as he dashed back to get his binocs. Finally get to the ground and in. And we’re greeted with this (picture) We missed the kick off.

I take to my spot and watch. I can’t help but over hear the conversation behind me, negative. “He’s shite, he’s dog shit” ah man I really can’t be bothered with this, it’s 10 mins in man! They focused on Diame mainly.

Sadly they were proven to be right.

For me, he made a really positive impact on the game against Palace. He was the complete opposite tonight. Ritchie was his usual here there and everywhere. But there were silly mistakes by many, no one stood out for me particularly. Lots of hit and hope. It’s just one of those shit nights. And Elliott, honestly man sort your boots out! Slipped all over that box.

We all saw the game, we all saw the score, we all know Twitters having a meltdown if you search the nufc hashtag. But then we also remember that we are still a team just promoted to the premier league. Maybe Rafa got it wrong tonight, he’s human. But we have him as our manager. Rafa friggin’

Benitez. We’re not going to win them all but it feels tougher after the expense of an away day and not too thrilling performance.

The away atmosphere was different again tonight I thought, I’ve come back with my voice pretty much intact which is unheard of for me! I’ve been slowly noticing the change. I think I know what it is, home games for me are finally the old away games. I’m up in block V, I lend a hand with the flags, the teams playing for the shirt and it’s all made home match days fun again.

Even after a loss it eases the 8-9 hours of journey time each home game

The team dug deeper in the last 10 mins, but it was just too late.

I always stay til the end, and I always clap the team off, tonight was no different.

I’d say seeing friends and people I knew as I was leaving the ground, was probably the highlight of the night!

We’ll dust ourselves off from this, we’re at home to Bournemouth on Saturday who aren’t in a great position. We need to maximise these opportunities.

On to the next.

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