Between the first edition hitting the printers in 1999 and the ink drying on our final edition in late 2022, True Faith was the leading Newcastle United print fanzine. A variety of writers, from the casual fan to the ‘never-misses-a-beat’ season ticket holder, came together to provide an alternative, articulate and entertaining view on matters both United, and the beautiful game more widely.

Times, though, are different. The costs of producing something shiny and glossy for you to paw over have become too great. And so, it is with regret that, for the time being at least, the True Faith website will be our only written output. Never fear: there will be sporadic specials. A Wembley edition was run ahead of the Carabao Cup Final, and if all goes to plan…

In the meantime, our array of podcasts – both free and on Patreon – continue to grow. And these virtual pages will offer you unparalleled supporter coverage in written form.


Our Writing

For every Newcastle United fixture, we will bring you a preview, a match report, player ratings and a more considered ‘five things we learned about’ piece. Sometimes, if you’re really good, there will be a Flashback Friday, a piece aimed at poking the grey matter into action for some euphoric recall.

Our weekly editorial – Through Black and White Eyes – rounds-up all things Newcastle United, and is a must-read.

That is not all, folks. Over and above the “regular” stuff, True Faith will continue to offer everything from analysis, to opinions, to long reads. Most of it will somehow link back to Newcastle United, but we also aim to cover the local Non-League scene. We might also occasionally dabble into music and the arts if it is local, or has an NUFC-link.


A few things to know about us…

True Faith is not an official product of Newcastle United Football Club, nor is it affiliated with the club in any way.

We want to build a constructive relationship with the club, but never at the expense of editorial freedom. If something needs criticising, investigating or highlighting as problematic, True Faith will do that.

We believe in providing an alternative view on Newcastle United to that which you will find in the mainstream media and other publications.

We do not break news nor report it. But if there is a hot topic, we will stick True Faith’s oar in and give an authentic fan perspective on it.

We want to retain the fanzine flavour, painting by colour not number, writing with passion and humour.

We do not pay writers. Every article that appears on True Faith is written for love, for passion, for the joy of putting words next to each other on a virtual page.

We do not claim to be representatives of Newcastle United supporters. We have no mandate to do so and we don’t seek one.

We have an open-door policy for contributions. You don’t have to have held a season ticket at SJP for the last fifty years. You don’t have to have been to every away game since the discovery of the internal combustion engine.

We don’t judge people on how they follow our club. Everyone has their own unique set of circumstances. There are no better fans, no super fans. As long as you have a big Newcastle United shaped space in your heart, you’ll do for us.

You don’t have to be a professional scribbler to contribute to True Faith, nor do you need a red-brick English degree. Likewise, you do not need to be able to recite the 1968 Stiffs squad backwards either. That’s just weird, although knowing our writers, you would certainly be the envy of a few!

What we do ask for is quality and a unique perspective.


Fancy joining in the fun?

Drop us a line at: editor@true-faith.co.uk and let’s get talking.



Alex manages the True Faith Podcast and YouTube channel and manages the company that True Faith trades through.

He remains Dwight Gayle’s biggest fan. That will never change. Did he mention that United are class?! 



Charlotte has been making podcasts, writing, and producing video content for True Faith since 2018. Along with Alex, she runs the company that true faith trades through.

She was the chairperson and sole member of the Loris Karius fan club (est. February 2023, dissolved February 2023). Please contact her if in favour of bringing it back. 



Adam has been a regular True Faith podcaster since 2018.  He has a season ticket in the East Stand and his first Newcastle game was a 4-1 win over Cambridge Utd in 1992 during the Keegan era.

You can often hear Adam on The Transfer Show, Previews and loads of other podcasts. He has also been known to host a quiz or two.

Away from football, Adam enjoys live gigs, gaming and meandering around Gosforth. He is also a dad to two fledgling Geordie lads.



Yousef is a member of the True Faith editorial team, and a regular True Faith podcaster. Born in Newcastle, raised on Teesside and then a student in Durham, he spent the first half of his life touring the North East while fastidiously avoiding Sunderland, until London beckoned and he had to give up his season ticket.

When not on True Faith duties or obsessing over NUFC, Yousef’s head is buried in legal texts (but those worlds have been known to collide).

His favourite player is Nobby Solano, and he probably wouldn’t piss on Michael Owen if he was on fire.



Found scribbling and chatting nonsense. Also part of the editorial team. Lawyer by day, wannabe journalist by night (and at lunch time).  Loves a long read. Like a really long read.

Fell in love with Newcastle United via his Grandpa’s tales of golf days with Jackie Milburn. Still believes Haris Vučkić can make it. 



Podcast contributor and Mag Talker.  Still really rates Danny Guthrie


Famous for celebrating United’s first half goal in a 2 0 home defeat to Wolves in 2016. Podcaster.


Started writing for True Faith in 2021 having found comfort from the podcast and articles during our darkest years. A midland based Mag, his Wallsend-raised Dad introduced him to the often frustrating but never dull life of a Newcastle fan. His earliest and clearest memory was being in the thick of a euphoric away end at Selhurst Park in ‘94 when Beardsley scored an 89th minute winner. Keegan, Beardsley and Cole got him hooked and he’s never looked back. Married with 2 children and living 200 miles from SJP, attending games these days is a rarity but Newcastle, the club and the city, remain very close to his heart.

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