Fancy having a go at writing for one of the best-selling, most widely read and respected football fanzines in the country? You do? Well, you have come to the right place bonny lad/lass!

We have a definite open door policy for new writers and there’s nowt better for us than to show-case new writers in true faith. You don’t have to be a published writer or hold all kind of high falutin qualifications in English or any of that shite. You don’t have to be a red-eyed zealot who hasn’t missed a game home and away for forty years and who can recite the 1967/68 Reserve Team backwards. You don’t have to have been born and bred in the Byker Wall and speak with an accent of pure Shields Road.

As long as there is a big Newcastle United shaped space in your heart then you will do for us.

The only rules we have is what you write is 100% original. We don’t do plagiarism or straightforward copying at true faith. We leave that to others.

Simply drop us a line below and we’ll give you the craic on how to get started


Digital cameras … phones with cameras on them … we see loads of them at the match, home and away and we see them pointed in all kinds of directions by all kinds of Mags. And we wonder what the blinking flip happens to all of those photos that are taken. Well, if you have a memory card rammed with some canny pictures, why not zap them in to us and we’ll pick out the best ones for publication in true faith. Just send them to us at editor@

Other Stuff

Do you have some kind of talent you would like to put to good use at true faith? We don’t mean where to get the best gear or anything like that but more practical ideas and skills you might have that can take us on to another level. Don’t ask for any money mind unless the sound of mocking laughter turns you on.

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