We have a great bunch of lads and lasses who write regularly for true faith and for those readers who have known us a longGNR1 time, the name Gavin Bradshaw will be instantly recognisable.

Gav has been writing for true faith for many, many years and for several of them has been the author of one of our favourite columns, THE END. Not only is Gav a terrific writer and commentator on what goes down at Newcastle United, he’s also a top lad. He’s the heart and soul of Newcastle United, just like his old man Tommy. Proper Black & Whiters, salt of the earth Geordies who its a  privilege to know.

Not surprisingly, Gav is committing some of his valuable time and energy to others and he’s doing this by running the Great North Run in aid of charity.

The beneficiaries of Gav’s efforts will hopefully be a true Tyneside institution, St Oswald’s Hospice. Those of us who are aware of its great work will instantly know Gav could not have chosen a more worthwhile cause.

If you want to know more about St Oswald’s Hospice, please just click here. 

Obviously, we’d love to help Gav raise as much money as is possible through his participation in the Great North Run so if you an afford a few quid (large donations won’t be unwelcome) and are looking to do someone in need, someone from around the doors in fact, a really good turn, then this could be the one for you.

Gav has set up a Just Giving page so just click here to donate.

Thanks very much in advance and all the best to Gav in his efforts.

That is all.