true faith is known for its blogs, match coverage, The Special newsletter, podcasts and of course its long-running fanzine. true faith is the longest running and most widely read Newcastle United fanzine of all time.

Every month, the true faith content is consumed by tens of thousands of Newcastle United supporters. Since 1999 we have been covering the club, the world around it and other elements of football and built an enormous following. We are known for the originality, integrity and honesty of our content. true faith is one of the most respected fanzines in the UK as well as being a pioneer for such titles in the new digital age.

Hundreds of supporters have expressed their views in our pages. Some supporters are bitten by the writing bug and have stayed with us for many, many years. Some write one or two articles and are satisfied with that. Some of our writers go onto carve careers for themselves as professional writers and journalists. It all works for us.

Our writers come in all shapes in sizes. We have had writers in their teens and in their seventies, men, women, various races, sexuality and some who live within a free-kick of SJP and others on the other side of the world. Some of our writers are home and away zealots and some barely get to SJP.

The one thing all of true faith’s writers have in common is a love for Newcastle United. That’s all that matters.

No-one needs to have fancy qualifications or be a published writer but if you have or are one of those things, we don’t mind either.

You don’t even need to have a specific topic you want to cover because there always subjects we want an opinion on, to be researched, explored and explained.

If you have a desire to inform and entertain, we will reward you with a huge audience for your writing. There is a complete open door policy. The only people we don’t want to know are haters or goons.

If you want to know more, contact the editor Alex Hurst on and you will be put to work. 

What you waiting for?