Who’d have thought 3 years after we got promoted back in to the premier league, it would leave me saying to myself and a lot of other Newcastle fans asking themselves the same question. Where is the passion?

Newcastle United has wondered slowly in to the abyss of nothingness. What are Newcastle United? What is the identity of the club? What is the purpose of the club? And Where is it all going?

Under messers Benitez, Robson, Keegan and even to an extent (a very small extent) Pardew, there was hope, hope we could be better, hope that if we played a game we had a chance of winning no matter the opponent.

Now don’t give me wrong there was always the odd stinker and the odd pasting by sides better than us, but most importantly our identity was to play our football and to take the opposition on, cut to the 22nd of December 2020 and were playing Brentford away in the quarter finals of the Carabao Cup. A team a division below us in the league pyramid and playing an under strength side, Ourselves playing a full strength side. Now the older fans amongst will remember such traumas as Hereford and Stevenage, but we’ll gloss over that (for today) our perennial cup runs aren’t the priority today or tomorrow.

What has become abundantly clear over the past year, is the sheer negativity of the play under Steve Bruce, whether it’s five or four at the back. One or two up top, the tactics resemble a bottom of the Sunday League pub team pass it around the back and give to the lad who can pump the ball up the field. Shelvey must be tearing what little hair he has left on his head, out. From the laser precision of his telepathic partnership with Gayle during our championship promotion to sitting in between the full backs and centre back playing it sidewards, I ask is this good coaching? Sitting deep enough in each game to be nearly sitting on the front row and a team that just does not press the ball. I ask is this Newcastle United?

Steve has not only lost the identity of the club, he has lost the fans but unfortunately we are under the ownership of Mike Ashley, so will Mike Ashley sack the man he backed to bring the good times back to the Toon? Unlikely. We are relying on him to do something he has only done twice (Big Sam and McClaren). I ask Mike Ashley for just one thing on the very rare chance he reads this, you listened to the fans in 2008 and you gave Big Sam the boot because of his negative play, do the same before it’s too late to do anything this time.

With ourselves being in a relatively decent position in the premier league and the pundits backing Bruce to hilt without actually do the key thing to judge a teams ability, watch them. We are stuck in a position where we as fans can’t do anything to actually voice our displeasure with no fans being allowed in the ground, so what exactly are we meant to do? Take the never ending reminder from an expert that we’re doing well, when we can see with our eyes that’s not the case. We could on the other hand take it to social media, where no one in the club responds to fans or we could take it talksport or 5 live. Where we have the experts…We’re just going around in a never ending circle and life as a Newcastle United fan is just becoming just like the team, a lack of direction.

Richard Watson