A New Hope

Here are 3 words I never thought I would be typing…. Newcastle Takeover Completed.

A new era has started on Tyneside this evening as Mike Ashley’s 14-year ownership has come to an end. An investment group led by the Public Investment Fund have completed the acquisition of Newcastle United.

His excellency, Yasir Al-Rumayyan who is the Governor of PIFtweeted that “we’re extremely proud to become the new owners of Newcastle United, one of the most famous clubs in English football”and Amanda Staveley (whom never gave up with the takeover) said “This a long-term investment. We are excited about the future prospects for Newcastle United. Our ambition is aligned with the fans – to create a consistently successful team that’s regularly competing for major trophies and generates pride across the globe”.

This is welcome news for the fans who now truly believe they have their club backand that there is a future for them to look forward to after enduring a nightmare under previous owner Mike Ashley.After what seemed to be a good start to his ownership of the club to which Ashley would often be seen in the crowd mingling with the fellow supporters, the tables turned quickly when he sacked the popular Chris Houghton and brought in Alan Pardew. This was the start of the downfall of his time in charge and he seemed to somewhat disappear to be rarely seen or heard from. This didn’t help his relationship with the fans and ultimately he knew it was time to move on.

The new owners have already stated that they are going to heavily invest in not just the club but the surrounding areas and believe that there is potential for Newcastle as not just a club but a city. The training ground is outdated, the stadium needs updated and there is a lot of investment needed in other areas of the club but now the fans will have their minds at ease with such a financial backing now available in the new ownership.

This won’t be an overnight transition but the future is definitely bright for Newcastle. The fortress that is St James Park will be THE place to be once more.

Newcastle has been UNITED.


Darkest before the dawn…

It’s often said that things often seem at their worst before they get better. I sincerely hope so as I’ve completely forgotten the feeling of that night in Feyenoord and challenging for the title. Will we reach those heights and beyond? Sir Bobby would’ve been turning in his grave for the past 14 years watching our soap opera of a club.

How patient will new owners be if things go tits up at the beginning with whoever comes in as manager? Based on their pursuit of us, perhaps there’s this stubbornness and patience in playing the long game.

Doubt Rafa would break his contract – what a dream that would be. Conte? We’ve not had too much success with Italians over the years with Santon, Pistone, Rossi & Barreca (forgot we had him). Could we get King Kev until the end of the season to steady the ship until we get who want next summer? At 70, he could do a job like Hodgson who was 73 at Palace. Is he past it though?

Won’t be easy if true about protests about human rights etc. A distraction for the players. The majority shareholders could learn much from western culture and its values, so perhaps with time, it could influence the ways things are done on their own patch. Frankly, I’m not a fan of it being called a ‘Saudi’ takeover either. Sure, they’re the majority, but it feels disrespectful to Amanda Staveley & the Reuben Brothers. Money talks?

We won’t be welcomed by the so-called Big 6 or other teams. Doesn’t bother me one bit. What bothers me is the new so-called ‘fans’ that have never been through relegations and heartbreaks over the years. Will they even understand us?

I’ve barely slept. Wake me up. Am I dreaming? What fiction am I writing?

Alan Khaw

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new life for me….. and I’m feeling good…

I couldn’t have put it better Nina.

Today is the dawn of a new era. Tyneside and beyond is awash with takeover talk, and this time it’s real.

Since April 2020, when 75% of Toon fans were sitting in our gardens on furlough refreshing Twitter we have been waiting for this moment.

Forget about the so called ITKs on social media. Forget about the smoke and mirrors nonsense around conspiracy theories, this is it!

This is it. This is what we’ve been waiting for. Owners who want to invest in all areas of the club. Make no mistake, Newcastle United is a shambles from top to bottom.

PiF and the consortium are going to be a breath of fresh air. Their business plan includes an overhaul of all areas of our beloved club. Gone will go the wheelie bins and paddling pool. Gone will be the embarrassment of Ashley’s austerity!

Do I expect us to spend £billions in January? FFP suggest otherwise. Do I expect clever investment in players and a management team that will make us a hundred times better? Yes, I do.

Key appointments are, of course, a proper manager with ambitions of a long-term project, a serious director of football, and, of course, investment into the squad. Don’t expect Kane, Haaland and Mbappe to land at NE1 anytime soon – I think we look at the likes of Dunk, Ndidi, Lingard, Phillips etc as real progress.

We are finally getting what we, as a loyal, fanatical fanbase deserve!

Is it nearly time for #cans? – Asking for a thirsty friend

Paul Karter@peekeekay

 And just like that it was done.

After years of endless speculation, false dawns, interminable wrangling, legal battles and Twitter spats, today should be the day that Newcastle United freed itself from fourteen years of misery and entered a new era. #cans

Those media commentators worth listening to have always said if/when a deal would be done, it would be done quickly, and they were spot on. Yesterday morning we were in total stasis, awaiting an arbitration case in early January with seemingly little hope of success. Now we are heading towards having new owners and new hope, with apparently untold wealth. What a difference a day makes.

There will be those who deride this takeover, pointing to the questionable human rights record of Saudi Arabia and the issue of the club being used as a tool in ‘sportwashing’. No one can question that those are legitimate concerns. However, forgive me if those are not in my mind today. The fanbase cannot select who takes us over – only one man has that power unfortunately, and his single criteria was a pound figure which would allow him to make a profit from his failed folly of purchasing the club back in 2007.

Today is a day to feel positive, to look forward to better times ahead and to the reinvigoration of the club after a generation of neglect and intentional harm. A new manager, a better squad, a refreshed ground, improved training facilities, greater fan involvement in the running of the club, regular communication with supporters – but most of all a sense of ambition. Our long-suffering fanbase and our great club deserves all of these things.

The words of the famous banner ring most true today – we don’t demand a team that wins, we demand a club that tries. Now we should finally have that. Howay the lads!

Craig Shaw@shawzey15

The sparkling heartbeat…

All billionaires are bastards; you don’t reach that obscene level of wealth without being absolutely ruthless. There is no such thing as untainted money in the Premier League, which is why I am happy to embrace the filthy Saudi lucre with few qualms.

Those reservations I do retain include human rights abuses, as Saudi Arabia has an atrocious record at home and abroad. I hope that fan groups such as the Newcastle United Supporters Trust will use their voices and platform to highlight and oppose these abuses. The Trust has been raising money to buy a stake in the club through its brilliant Pledge scheme, but always said the cash would go to charity if the takeover went through. Wouldn’t it send a great message if the Trust donated that money to Amnesty International?

Aside from the fact that we’re going to win every trophy going, one of the other reasons I am supportive of the Saudi takeover is that it came with promised investment in the city I love. I’ve been on both sides of the table at the West End Food Bank, as a volunteer and as a recipient of its aid, which fed my children when I could not. The residents of this great city have been hammered by Tory austerity and are now dealing with a huge rise in the cost of living. We’re crying out for investment that can create quality jobs and act as a magnet to attract more investors. The club is the heart of the city, and the city should be the jewel in the crown of the North-East. The Saudis can make it sparkle again.

Dan Jenkins @PlumsGinger


So, the new dawn seems to be arriving.

Finally, a glimmer of hope and positivity on the Geordie horizon. As happy as I am about the new era and what could come next, I’m just as happy to see the end of the parasitic Mike Ashley era. A man who stripped our club to nothing but existing.

There appears to be so much positivity in the road ahead, and rightly so. We’ve waited for this. We’ve earned this. We deserve it.

I’m on the side of caution to an extent, in that I’m mainly glad Ashley’s gone, and Bruce won’t be far behind him. That we get our club back. I don’t want to see Messi’s and Mbappe’s necessarily. I just want to see our club act like a football club again. I want to be excited again. I want to be hopeful. I want to care more. I want the owners to give a shit and engage with us. I want people outside of Newcastle to see what we see. So much to look forward to and hopefully one day it will lead to some silver being hoisted around Newcastle.

That is what the takeover is giving us. Hope. In the words of Bruce Springsteen, I’ll see you in the land of hope and dreams.

Dai Rees @Colemans_Dream