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Eddie Howe is on the verge of being announced as the new manager of Newcastle United – and from this point onwards, we as a fanbase have one job, and one job only.

We have to stand shoulder to shoulder with him.

We have to back him with every ounce of our being, until our vocal chords are borderline beyond repair because the man holds the immediate future of our gloriously mental football club in his hands – and my god the man, has got a herculean task on his hands if he is to save us from a relegation that will set the club back at least 2 years in its quest to reach the upper echelons of the Premier League under our new ownership.

It no longer matters if your preference was Paulo Fonseca, Unai Emery, Roberto Martinez or Rafael Benitez – Eddie Howe is the man who has been brave enough to step forwards and take on the biggest job of his career.

Back him.

He has been man enough to take on a manager’s job that has not only proved too much for, but has come close to breaking many Managers before him – many of them with far greater experience.

He has been man enough to take on a job that now carries the added pressure of being the man in the dugout of the richest club on the planet, and the added scrutiny that will inevitably bring due to the source of our wealth.

Accepting this gig along with all of the pressure, all of the noise that comes with it, is enough to convince me that Eddie Howe is the right man for Newcastle United at this juncture in the club’s history.

The hard work – for Eddie Howe and the fans – starts now.

Welcome to the madhouse kiddo.

Lee Forster @LeeDForster

New dawn…

I’m really happy with Eddie Howe coming in.  It’s a new approach that is needed and from what I’ve read and watched I think he will effective.

Over the past few days I’ve been concerned with his record being statistically similar to that of our old manager, however, now is not the time to reflect on what Eddie Howe has done at a small club on the South Coast but on what he can do for us between now and January. We need to be better organised and more comfortable on the ball – to actually have the ball again would be a bonus.

I think his time out of football will have made him hungry. It’s a massive challenge to keep us up but he has the resources in January to bring in some help on the pitch. I sincerely hope that he has some help off the pitch by we get to January in the shape of a Sporting Director/Director of Football. Recruitment will be the difference between us staying up and going down and I’d prefer Howe to be focused on the training pitch rather than dealing with the hundreds of agents knocking down the door for access to the newly found riches at Barrack Road.

This is the new dawn on the pitch we’ve been (impatiently in my case) waiting for since the owners took over. We have our man.

Good luck Eddie, we’re all behind you!


 It’s time to back Eddie…

We can all have our views on whether or not we think this is an inspiring appointment, but what needs to happen now is to get behind the team and the new manager when he is appointed.

We are now in the position where every single game counts, the manager needs to have our backing. The ten games left between now and January carry some really tough fixtures. But you know what, the atmosphere will be far less toxic than it was under Bruce, and we know that if we see some form of tactical progression then that alone will be something to celebrate.

If Eddie can manage to sort the defence and midfield so they actually cover for each other, and we can keep a clean sheet that will give us a much better chance of actually winning some games of football. The focus now needs to be on making sure that the whole squad is pulling in one direction.

The football will at times have to be pragmatic but if we can make it to January on some form of bounce then the chances are that we might see some impact when new players can be recruited in the window.

Playing people in the correct position will also obviously be a help but the team needs to be able to keep possession which will allow us to get better. Yes, he spent some money poorly at Bournemouth, but Alex Ferguson bought Veron, Djemba-Djemba and Bebe. Rafa bought Muto and we’ve bought Joelinton, every team makes mistakes and hopefully he has learnt from those, and we can get back to just worrying about staying up.

Howe-way man, get into them!

Stephen Ord      @smord84

 Bring it…

It’s the news all Newcastle United fans have been waiting for. A new manager has been appointed and it is in the form of Eddie Howe.

He may not be Unai Emery or Paulo Fonseca but that doesn’t matter. Personally, I’m glad we didn’t end up with one of them.

What he done with Bournemouth speaks volumes. He got them from League 2 to the Premier League and kept them there for five seasons. The only reason they went down under him was because of the higher powers selling his players and not replacing them.

Eddie Howe is a person who specialises in getting the best out of players. He worked wonders for Callum Wilson and Ryan Fraser when they played under him at Bournemouth.

Consider the position that the club find themselves in at this moment in time, we are lucky to attract managers at all. Howe is a young, promising manager who can succeed with the right backing and Newcastle is a perfect fit for him to achieve that.

His managerial record currently stands as the following. Out of the 545 games he has managed, he has won 228, drawn 114 and lost 203 for an overall Win Percentage of 41.83%.

Jack Sutton @jsuttonwrites


It goes without saying I wish Eddie Howe the best of luck as United manager. The Bruce years are over, and we have a fresh face in the dugout which is the massive plus for me.

Let’s now see if this group of players can do themselves justice with a different manager. We all need to pull together to get out of this and support like bastards for the next 27 games. Everyone would love it if we went down let’s get the siege mentality going .

Being brutally honest I’ve never rated Howe and I see his appointment as a massive let down, I’m not going to lie , I think he’s very lucky to land a job like this.

He got treat very well by the media when he was little old Bournemouth manager and every timeI saw them I thought they were lifting and disorganised.

But I’m willing to give him a go like I did with every other manager and I’m hoping these words come back to bite me as he’s now in pole position to steer the club through its most exciting period in a generation.

Good on him . But, but, that’s all I’m saying !

Scott Robson