I hope it was worth it…

 15 days ago, I had fallen utterly out of love with Newcastle United, I was running on empty.

My mind, at that point had convinced itself that this feeling of apathy was entirely down the Bastard of Burnham – 48 hours later he had gone, and despite the delirium, something still didn’t feel right; the connection I felt since the day I first cast eyes on 11 men in black and white stripes was still lacking.

Today, it has returned. And it has returned with a vengeance.

I was vehemently against the appointment of Stephen Roger Bruce back in July 2019 – not because I disliked the man (those feelings wouldsoon to follow), but because of a management record that had stank the life out many clubs of far less standing than Newcastle United.

I’ve always maintained that Bruce had no business being anywhere near the dugout at St James’ Park, and that feeling came to a head on Sunday afternoon on a day when I genuinely felt that I would be able to accept a defeat at the hands of Spurs, because surely, Sunday was all about ‘the bigger picture’?

It turned out that it wasn’t…

Eric Dier hadn’t even had his comedy moment as I stormed down the stairs of the Milburn stand, shouting obscenities about the buffoon in the dugout that my lad shouldn’t have to hear – my feelings about Steve Bruce got the better of me and I left St James Park before the final whistle for the first time since a late Peter Beardsley equaliser snatched a point against Man Utd on a freezing February day back in 1986(?).

Steve Bruce, in his refusal to fall on his sword and walk away from my club (despite his faux claims that he only “wants what’s best for NUFC”), robbed me of what should have been the most enjoyable NUFC related day in the past 20 years.

I left St James Park bitter, angry, and frustrated because of his mere presence on a day that me my son and the rest of the gathered Mags should have been able to unconditionally celebrate – and for that, I will never forgive him.

Take your money, your self-pity, your lies, your thin skin, your willingness to antagonise and never darken our door again.

Your legacy is one that I would never wish on any Geordie – your action’s and conduct over the past 826 days means that you will never again be seen as ‘one of us’ by the people of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Lee Forster @LeeDForster

Ding Dong the witch is dead….

I mean, he’s not really dead and he’s not really a witch, but you know what I’m referring to. The Wizards of Saudi have pulled the trigger….

If you believe that this was by mutual consent, then you need to give your heed a bloody good shake – STEVE BRUCE HAS BEEN SACKED! And aren’t we delighted as Toon fans?

Forget about the fact that Bruce was an abhorrent individual when it came to his Teflon shoulders, his endless interruptions in interviews, his disdain for the press and lack of respect for the fans – That’s all just smoke and mirrors, masking the fact that, quite simply, he is a shit football manager. 7 wins in a full calendar season tells you as much!

Players being selected out of position, rapid regression of their talents, an inability to pick a settled formation, shocking tactics, horrendous substitutions. This man is a football dinosaur.

FOSB would suggest he’s a nice guy doing a superb job with limited funds. Bollox. He spent decent money on, in the main, shite. What our former gaffa, Rafa, could have done with that dough eh?

New owners, bring in a manager with pedigree, spend some decent wedge in January and we’ll soon climb the table.

Personally, I’d love to see someone of the likes of Lucien Favre, Paulo Fonseca or Steven Gerrard handed the reigns. No nonsense, real, demonstrable talent, and an ability to get the best out of his players. Fucking hell, they might even train once in a while too!

Hopefully this man can bring the best out of our squad, give them some self-belief and let’s get this project moving in the right direction.

It’s exciting times at Newcastle United, and I, for one, can’t wait to ride this rollercoaster to the top!

Now, fuck off with your novelty cheque and don’t darken our doors again Mr Bruce.

 Paul Karter – @peekeekay


Just over two years ago, I opened a betting account for the first time in my life. I was utterly devastated at the news that Rafa Benitez was no longer going to continue as Newcastle manager, and with Mike Ashley still entrenched at the helm of the club, I was convinced that United would completely implode. I stuck a tenner on Newcastle to get relegated, as it was the only way I could offer myself any form of gratification.

And yet, the first game against Arsenal came round, and I still found myself hollering at a screen, desperate for us to win. I dreamed about Steve Bruce winning the fans round, going on a crazy cup run as he had done with Hull, imbuing the players with a battle-hardened, siege mentality.

It never happened, and as much as my £10 flutter thankfully didn’t bear fruit, neither did Steve ever do anything to justify the support he clearly so desperately craved from the fan base. He held the fort. He kept us up. He did a job. It was torturous and unbearable and once or twice I very nearly washed my hands of NUFC completely. It all felt so turgid and dross and dry. Ticking over. Existing for the sake of it.

But now he’s gone, and I thank him for his service, and wish him a happy retirement. The best years of his footballing life have come and gone, and he should be proud of all he’s achieved. But this is a club that no longer needs to look back. We no longer need to reminisce. We now just want to look forward to a glittering future with literally limitless potential.

So once again, thanks Steve. All the best. Now let’s never speak about these last 2 years ever again. Let’s just dream about the future.

 Ed Cole

 It’s been emotional…

So, the most convoluted managerial exit has been confirmed and another part of the problem at Newcastle has gone.

Mike Ashley was the big one but don’t underestimate Steve Bruce’s part in demoralising a fanbase either.

Listen, to say I’m not a fan is an understatement. He should never have been a million miles of the Newcastle job. His appointment the final nail in the ambition coffin which had gradually rose with Benitez as manager.

All his media friends are suddenly popping up today and saying how unlucky he’s been and Bruce himself has come out with a woe is me statement but the top and bottom of it is, no manager or coach in world football would survive his record as manager. It’s the cycle of a manager in 2021. You get results or you’re replaced. Why should we be different to any other fanbase and be happy with a hugely unsuccessful manager?

Previous managers in our history haven’t been given that , so why should Bruce. It just didn’t happen, move on.

Bruce knew the deal when he signed up. His exit payment staggering considering the job he’s done .

He won’t be able to help himself and spill his guts to talk sport before taking a job in the championship. We may or may not see him in there next year, but his exit has massively reduced the odds of this happening.

I would like to say it’s been emotional, but it hasn’t , his tenure taking any emotion out of supporting NUFC.

Good luck but by me you won’t be missed.

Scott Robson

It’s the news that nearly every Geordie was waiting for, Steve Bruce has finally left the club. It was announced shortly after 10am this morning (20/10/2021) that Newcastle United and Bruce had parted ways.

So where did it all go wrong for the Geordie chap?

From the start is probably the easiest answer. After Rafa “The Saviour” Benitez left, whoever was next in line had big shoes to fill so as soon as Bruce was announced as the new manager, he was doomed.

Although Bruce has a vast amount of experience under his belt,none of it really sticks out that he was the right fit for the job. He was brought in by previous owner Mike Ashley purely on the remit of keeping us up in the Premier League to which he didbut that was about it. He was hung out to dry for the rest of his ill-fated tenure. The football has been pretty terrible to watch at times and it was evident there was some issues going on with certain players who just don’t seem interested in the club. Despite some of the quality players we have in the squad, we have one of the worst defence records in the league. Newcastle don’t belong in the bottom half of Premier League never mind the relegation zone.

Now that SB has gone, it is time to move on and support the new manager whoever they should be. Big changes need to happen and certain players need to be let go too as they are just as guilty of the downfall of our great club. We need a team that are UNITED in bringing the success back to Newcastle.

JACK SUTTON – @jsnufctruefaith