Aim high… 

League Position: My hope is 7th.  That gets you into Europe. I was recently at a TF Journo night where some of the NE Fourth Estate were cracking on about ‘mid table’ and ‘pleased to see us not in a relegation battle.’ Craig Hope bucked that trend by pronouncing anything less than this spot would be a failure.

Given our stats since New Year’s Day and a fair bit of upscaling within the squad (hopefully, some more than at the time of writing) I tend to agree. I reckon we’ll get there too. 7th.

FA Cup: I’d love is to win it. The problem is that the top 2/3 teams keep doing that.

Here’s hoping we’re not in any bother and can give it a go. Honestly, who knows which round we’ll progress to? I’m guessing with a hopeful tilt towards the top 6/7, it’ll be in the periphery of Mr Howe’s thoughts. 5th Round. 

League Cup: I’ve long been banging on about this competition. See above re: finalists, but I’ve always felt it gives you a better chance of success. If I had anything to do with it, I’d make it a priority. I don’t think the hierarchy will see it the same way as this success starved, young looking 50 something though, so I’m going ‘vainglorious defeat away at Spurs’ in the Quarters.

Top scorer:I’d go Callum, but he won’t last the season. Therefore, Bruno G is my choice.

Player of the season:I’ve mentioned my age a couple of things times. Bear with me, it’s not a cry for help. However, this means I’ve watched a lot more football than most reading this. I’ve rarely seen talent like Bruno in Black & White.

He’s the real deal. There are few players around who look like they can slow the game down like him. I’d imagine that other sides will look to nullify him like Rafa (not that one) did in Benfica, so it’ll be up to him to live with that.

He got all twisty in the real Stadium of Light and it put him off his stride a bit. His natural talent will shine through, though. He’s a ‘no brainer’ pick in my opinion.

Nick Clark @Clark5Nick

Here we go again!

After a rollercoaster of a season, with some deep lows, and some massive highs, I just cannot wait for Saturday.

This is the first full season with an administration that knows how to run a football club properly. It looks like the caretakers Ghodoussi and Staveley have avoided the first pit fall of new ownership, which would be to just keep on taking care of everything themselves. They have realized the club needs competent football people in charge and have acted accordingly with the appointments of Ashworth and Eales.

This is the first full season of absolute class players the likes of Bruno Guimaraes and Sven Botman.None of these lads came here to finish mid table for a couple of years, and then move on. They came here to be part of a project and to challenge for titles.

This is the first full season with one of the most talented managers England have to offer. Eddie Howe does not leave anything to chance, he has used this pre-season to drill in every possible outcome on the pitch.

This is the first full season of a club and a fanbase renewed. The beginning of a new era.

My expectations are for a push in the top ten, and a full season far away from the bottom sides, but my hopes are for a push on the European places. I know we always say this, but we also should be able to really go for a cup run. We know the squad is good enough.

Most of all I just want a season to enjoy, without having to worry about relegation. We are sure to see some real progress.

League Position: 7th

League Cup: Wembley here we come!

FA Cup: Quarter Finals

Top Scorer: Callum Wilson, 15 at least.

Player Of The Season:Bruno Guimaraes

Magnus Møller

Solidity is the key…

It’s tempting to just stick a giant asterisk here instead of 250 words of waffle. Because anything we might suggest at this point about the likely outcome of our season feels like it’s entirely dependent on what happens in the next month in the transfer market at the top end of the pitch. We need goals!

But you know what, I’m going to entirely ignore that uncertainty. Partly because I’m actually quite fond of the idea of a slow evolution and sticking with a core group of players with spirit and who I care about. But mostly because, when push comes to shove, I’m sure there will be incoming business whether it’s a wide attacker to come into the front three, an out-and-out striker, or an attacking midfielder. And probably two of the above.

Crucially, the first choice back five – last seasons supplemented by Pope, Botman, and a fit Trippier – is already the strongest I’ve ever seen in more than 30 years of watching Newcastle. Our revolution is built on the firmest of foundations, not the feet of clay of the Keegan era. That defensive solidity was the key to winning points last season and will be again. With that in place, we will finish top 12, without any doubt.

How high? Most likely, around 8th. 10th to 12th if things go badly, as high as 6th if things go well. For things to go well, we need support for Oooooh-Callum-Wilson up front and Bruno in midfield, and we need Saint Maximin to discover consistency, decision-making, and end product hitherto almost entirely lacking.

League Position: 4th (because August should always be about wild optimism)

League Cup: Quarter Final (0-1 Chelsea, because that’s what always happens)

FA Cup: Third round (because I daren’t write what I truly believe)

Top Scorer: Wilson, 27 in all competitions (after revolutionary leg muscle transplants in the off-season)

Player Of The Season: Bruno (of course)

Matthew Philpotts @mjp19731

Going deep?..

We head into a new season with some hope. Hope that we won’t be looking over our shoulders all year. Hope that we can go deep in the 2 cup competitions. Hope that we might just start to mount a challenge on a European spot!

Eddie Howe has got the squad fit. Forget your Leyton Orient’s and York City friendlies. We’ve played some strong sides this pre-season, and it will have done the squad the world of good!

I’m really looking forward to the 2022-2023 season. If last season started in January, we would inexplicably have finished in a champion’s league place. No one is saying we can maintain that form for 38 games, but it gives us real hope for the season that’s just about upon us.

So here are my predictions for this campaign:

League Position: I’m optimistically going for 8th. If we can bag the 2 players we need in the final third of the pitch, then perhaps 6th!

League / FA Cup: I’d obviously love us to win a pot this season, but we know that the big boys take both cups seriously, so I’m realistically saying last 8 in both cups.

Top Scorer:If Callum Wilson can stay fit the whole season, he’s good enough to bag between 15-20 goals. He won’t, of course, but with us a bit light for goals elsewhere, he’s going to be the top scorer this campaign. 

Player of the season:Tricky one for me, as there could be some break outs this season, a la Joelinton under Eddie. I can’t really look past Bruno. A top-class player who, with pre-season under his belt will dominate our midfield.

Also, a special mention for Miggy’s pre-season. He looks sharp and his finishing has been excellent. If he can take that into the new season then he could be one to watch.

Roll on Saturday and Forest. I can’t wait for this season to get going.

@peekeekay – Paul Karter

Crystal balls oot’ for the lads…

Expectation of Newcastle United in 2022-2023? Well, to have some expectation is a start and more than I have had in about 99 percent of the last 15 seasons.

Newcastle are back alright, but how much we are back is dependent on a few more signings and your own positivity. Your either in the Champions League or bust camp or the top ten and a cup run will do camp, it seems.I think it’s a lot more intriguing than either of those rather black and white predictions.

Let’s get things straight, the Premier League is rubbish if you take certainly two, maybe three teams out.Not since the days of Cole and Beardsley after promotion have Newcastle had a more genuine chance of cracking into the higher echelons of the league.

It’s a very fine line from being a team clear of relegation to one which fights for Europe. Look at Wolves and West Ham.Newcastle stayed up on the back of a second half of the season which was perfect. We didn’t have loads of the ball in games, we made pitches magnificently narrow and at times we looked impenetrable.

This only takes you so far. Will Howe change gears? Will Newcastle be on the front foot. The Arsenal game being a brilliant example of how I’d like the team to evolve.

If Botman clicks with Schar or Burn, If Bruno does what he’s been doing since he came into the side, If Joelinton repeats his renaissance man season and Wilson stays fit,I think we will qualify for Europe.

There I said it and I’m usually not like this at all.

I’d love a cup run. FA cup or League cups have had as much joy or expectation as the British economy lately, but I’d like us to go all out in both.Ferguson broke the mould at Man Utd with an FA cup win – the rest followed. My crystal ball says a semi-final in one of them.

Top scorer is Wilson whether he’s fit for much of the season or not and player of the year is Bruno Guimaraes Rodriguez Moura. He’s going to be even better.

All in all, one thing I’m going to do is enjoy this season and I think you should to. The trajectory is upward and how upward isn’t worth guessing on, its Newcastle United after all

Scott Robson 


It’s good to be thinking of football coming back, and with it, an exciting season in prospect for NUFC.

Whilst there has been some chatter about signings (or lack of them in certain areas), I still think a top 10 finish should be the minimum aim. The way we finished last season was so impressive and if we can keep that run going over the length of the season, we capable of pushing even further up the table. Simply put though, top 10 should be the goal. Anything higher is a bonus.

I don’t expect us to go and win a cup or anything this season, but I’d like to think the days of a weakened team are over. We need to attack cup competitions, especially the League Cup. I’d say win a few games in the FA cup and if we are lucky a quarter final in the League Cup, and again, I’d be satisfied. The intent is the key, not the outcome.

Our top scorer title is up in the air at the time of writing, as it’s going to have to be Callum Wilson due to a lack of alternatives. If the cash is splashed though, in the two positions we need improvement in (wide attacker and striker) then things may change.

Lastly, I think that Botman will shine this season. For a team who have a lot of talented players now, the potential in our team is exciting. That it may be led from the back by a potential rising star is as exciting as it is unique from an NUFC perspective. Botman will be our standout player.

Come what may, we start a season with hope and optimism. Probably for the first time in about 15 years. In that case, this season feels like a win already. Come on the Mags.

Dai Rees@colemans_dream