As every single person associated with this daft gobshite fanzine is a committed comrade TFFlag1and no mistake we are always looking for ways to serve you – the thronging, demanding mass of the true faith cognoscenti and we’ve come up with something new to go alongside our magnificent fanzine, website, Podcast, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts. Roll of the drums, we have now added the true faith: SATURDAY SPECIAL newsletter to our repertoire and the first one is due out this er, SATURDAY.

It is completely FREE of charge. 100% GRATIS. NIL COST. 

We are hoping the true faith: SATURDAY SPECIAL will become part of your match-day ritual and something that you look forward to of a weekend.

It doesn’t cost you a penny. 

As ever with us, what we’ll be knocking out will be 100% original, new and er, exciting. Well, interesting. Not really, exciting. We’ll be doing new stuff you don’t get anywhere else.

Its all for nowt. 

You’ll be fair riveted by what will land in your in-box – it says here.

And now an announcement.

Having been with the party a few years and showed himself to be a safe pair of hands and all round good tf soldier, our Deputy Editor, Comrade Harrison will take the lead on deciding the content and direction of the true faith:SATURDAY SPECIAL newsletter.

Its an er, massive step up but Gareth has put away childish things and his steely resolve and potential  has been spotted by several of the Pink Lane Politburo and the Gosforth Commissar will have total control of the true faith:SATURDAY SPECIAL from here on in. In other words, if its shite, it’s his fault.

But brothers and sisters to get the true faith:SATURDAY SPECIAL you will need to sign up for the thing and you can do that by clicking on this here link 

Once you’ve registered you’ll be sent an e-mail asking you to confirm your subscription. If you think you haven’t received it, check your SPAM before you start cry-arsing on.

We’ll keep the content and themes of the true faith:SATURDAY SPECIAL under our hat for the moment but once you see the first one, you’ll catch our drift as to what we’re trying to do.

Have we mentioned it’s FREE? It’s FREE!