Well the TV schedulers have messed up a good weekend away. Think anyone who’s had a night out in LiverpoolKendall will agree it’s a “boss city la!”
So off we go to Adidas central on a Monday night to face the Scouse Mackems.
That moniker is a bit unfair to be honest cause when I was growing up Everton had one of the best teams I’d ever seen, cruelly denied a crack at the European Cup through near neighbours shenanigans at Heysel, so they claim.
Here’s them giving us a couple of football lessons back in the mid 80, Gazza is playing in this as is Pedro and Gary Lineker for them. Pedro obviously went on to play for the Toffees……….
The next clip is a couple of years later, I was at this one…….. in fact I think I was at the earlier one too?? Grey matter is faltering as I type…..
Anyway we get stuffed 4-0….we must have had 8000 there that day, see the end behind the goal!
Gary Speed played for both clubs, he was a boyhood blue, so here is scoring against us before his move north……
And finally could you ever imagine a Mackem band singing our cup final song, no me neither, here is The Farm (great band) mainly Liverpool fans, doing Everton’s cup final song, such is the special relationship the two sets of fans supposedly have or maybe had??? I nearly come a cropper to that a few times in Stanley Park!
This is toe curling cringe worthy stuff, where are the super cool scouse dressers in this one then??….sure I seen some white Reeboks in there…must be wools? oh no I forgot Everton are the real Scousers. Urban myths great aren’t they, just off to get me donkey jacket, see ya! 😉