Since 1999, true faith has been established as one of the best read, widely respected and tf114_cover_ipadprominent fanzines in the country. For three successive years, from a field of hundreds, true faith has made it to a short-list of six for the Football Supporters Federation’s prestigious Fanzine of the Year. One year we’ll win it, one year (sighs).

We have a strong commitment to bringing out a fanzine which contains some of the very best fan writing in the country. We think we do that consistently and the feedback we get is proof of that. We also want to bring out a fanzine which looks great and provides a visual treat for our readers and that’s why the design and lay-out of the fanzine is unquestionably one of the best in the country.

Obviously, what we publish is hugely centred upon what goes down at Newcastle United. Our central mission is to cover every possible aspect and angle of life at the club we all love. We will publish pieces we agree with, that we’re not sure about and which we think are completely wrong. It doesn’t matter, if it is your opinion, honestly held then we’ll have it in our pages just so long as it is well-written and sincerely meant. We want to inform and entertain and sometimes that means publishing material which challenges the views we already have. We’ve no problem with that at all.

Aside from Newcastle United though, we regularly host features from Mags all over the world and usually where they have embraced the football culture around them. We regularly feature our fellow supporters, exiled from Mother Tyne who have embraced the football cultures offered by Spain, Brazil and Italy but where-ever the Geordie diaspora can be found we’ll be fascinated to relay what they are discovering about this game of ours to you.

Similarly, while we all love our exotic missives from foreign shores, we are not about to overlook the football treasure that is on our door-step in the form of North East non-league football. We will regularly dive into that world and tell you all about it.

There is loads of other stuff we stick our nebs into as well – not least how things are developing in the wider world of football and fan issues, but you’ll find reviews of gigs, films, clothes, books and even the continuing adventures of our resident super-star DJ, Emile Strunz.

But fundamentally, people like you write for true faith. People who love Newcastle United, people who can’t stop caring about it, loving it and who will always value this unashamedly local institution, this cap badge of our Geordie identity. We’re never going t give up. Never. Ever.

You don’t have to be a published writer, have any experience of writing or any fancy dan qualifications. Hell, you don’t even have to be able to spell. That’s why have an editing process.

You don’t have to be any kind of uber-fan who never misses a reserve game home and away, who can recite the 1967 Central League team backwards. That’s weird shit and those people scare me. Everyone has their own way of supporting Newcastle United and our writers come in all shapes and sizes.

You don’t have to be any kind of cool cat in a pricey CP Company jacket and the rarest retro trainers and nor do you have to be a walking advert for the club shop but you could be if you want to be.

Our writers come from across the social spectrum – men and women and supporters of all ages, all colours and frankly we don’t care who you sleep with just as long as you don’t ask us to join in and you put the cat  out.

People like you write for true faith. People with an opinion and a passion to express it. But most of all, people who love Newcastle United, who love football and understand what it means to all of us and continue to be fascinated by it.

You cats feeling the love we’re putting out for you?

Since the summer 2014, true faith switched from a traditional hard-copy fanzine to a Digital format. It was a risky move but it seems to be working. The explosion of tablets, i-pads and kindles especially means people can read their Digital versions of true faith and other titles much the same way they read the hard-copy. But it works perfectly fine on PCs and Lap-tops too.

Its a format that is only going to get bigger and bigger. Sometimes we get a bit nostalgic for the feel, touch and smell of a box of newly printed fanzines but then we think of the extended, documentary-style piece Peter Embleton has done for the latest issue on Italian Ultras complete with some brilliant links and we know we’ve made the right switch. We know we are now hosting bigger, better features with more depth and breadth to them than ever before. We still think we have retained the best bits of the old version though, that was essential. This is the fanzine of the future and we are way ahead of the curve. Join us, you’ll love it.

We are now able to host more supporters writing about more things, covering more of what we experience via Newcastle United and football generally. That was always our intention as well as future-proofing the fanzine and driving down the costs.

If you have lasted long enough reading this far, then you probably have something about you. Or too much time on your hands. One of the two.

If you are interested in writing for true faith – just get in touch. You might have your own ideas or you might want us to give you a subject to cover – we only give you the title and subject matter, we don’t tell you what your opinion should be – the fun for us, is seeing what comes back.

Just e-mail us on editor@ and we’ll have a bit crack about what you can do.

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