The latest issue of true faith (TF124) is now available for you to download and spend a good few hours reading it. Thousands of you have already.

We are now in the process of planning and putting the next issue together and as ever given its Newcastle United which is our main subject there is always loads to write about.

We do have our regular writers who have been with us for many years and God bless them.



But we are always after new writers to join us and keep freshening up our pool of contributors. People like you write for true faith. You don’t have to have high falutin qualifications or be any kind of published writer. Loads of our writers have only ever had material published via us and that’s fine.

Our writers reflect our readership – we have home and away zealots, season ticket holders, people who go regularly and some when they can but we also have those who won’t go at all. There are also writers who are ex-pats who support the club from afar.

Clearly Newcastle United is our main subject for coverage but we’re also interested in different football experiences from near and far as well as some of the wider issues which impact upon the game we all love.

Some writers come to us with a fully formed idea about what they want to write about and others like to get an area to cover from us.

All you need to do to get started writing for true faith and express your opinion is drop us a line on


Here’s one we made earlier.