The new issue of true faith is ready now to be downloaded but already we are looking at assembling material for the next issue. That’s where you lot come in.

In every issue of true faith we have a clutch of new writers making their fanzine debuts and I don’t think there is any
greater demonstration than that of the open-door policy we have for new writers at Newcastle United’s longest running and most widely read fanzine.

You don’t have to have loads of fancy qualifications or be a published writer to submit material to true faith (though we have no objections if you are) and all we ask is you are genuine supporter with a love for Newcastle United FC.

All writers want to be read and as Newcastle United’s No.1 fanzine with the biggest readership of any club fanzine we can guarantee you the largest audience for the material you work so hard to put together.

Most of the time we are naturally after material about Newcastle United FC but not exclusively so if you are one of these people who takes in a football match in foreign climes or dives into the wonderful world of local non-league football, then we’d be delighted to hear from you.

Similarly, over the years we have dipped our toes into the waters of politics, music, clothes and film and if you have a passion for any of that stuff please get in touch as we’d love to hear from you.

You might have an idea formed about the subject you want to cover or you might want us to give you a topic we want covered for a future issue.  That all works for us.

Whatever the subject, whatever your experience if you have a passion for United and a desire to entertain and inform your fellow supporters, just drop us a line on editor@

That is all.