We are delighted to bring you the second issue of true faith in the 2014/15 season (TF114).

tf114_cover_ipadWe think it’s an absolute belter and although we intend to bring you a minimum of 100-pages per issue, we’ve pushed the boat out this time and added an extra eight, simply because we love you. All of you, we love you all.

As you might have expected, there is considerable coverage of the summer preparation for the new season.


Do you know how many and who United was linked with over the summer? No, I didn’t think so, me neither. But another new true faith debutant writer, Maurice Hall OBE does (our first gong awardee writing for TF by the way) because he kept an eye on it all. He gets up early and stays up late, so you don’t have to.


How do Alan Pardew teams play? Well, apart from badly? Dave X Smith has analysed the tactics, formations deployed by Pardew and he’s also taken some note of the evidence of his own eyes to present his thesis on Newcastle United playing style(s) under this manager. Very, illuminating reading!


We’ve published some bizarre adventures of Mags down the years but I have to say, I think having one of our readers somehow get into the World Cup Final in Rio this summer gone, is something of a first. The full adventure is published here. A cracking read. Fair play to a Mag who refused to be defeated!


Some of you lot reckon we are malcontented scum always out for a row with anyone remotely connected to the establishment? Well, you might be right but did you know that regular true faith scribbler and smashing lad, Alex Hurst only has himself a box at SJP. In this issue Alex tells us all about life with the prawn sarnie brigade. It’s a really, really good read and will make you think.


So, Jack Colback made the journey from the Wear to the Tyne over the summer and upset a few of his previous mates. In this issue, Mark Brophy has produced a brilliant historical piece tracking all of the moves between Tyne & Wear over the last century and more. Great reading for those who love the history of our mental football club!


As some of you might know, we are partial to a bit Italian football culture and in Peter Embleton we have recruited an obsessive devotee of Il Calcio. As well as holding a season ticket for the Newcastle United, Peter is something of a fan of Fiorentina and a regular visitor to Firenze (that’s Italian for Florence thickos).  In this issue Peter has produced an outstanding analysis of Italia Ultra culture, the history, the politics, the carry-on and it is without question one of the best features we have had in true faith for many, many years. Truly brilliant writing and there isn’t anyone who has delivered on our commitment to inform and entertain than Peter and no mistake. Definite Gold Star for Durham Mag, Peter and first swally of the pop on the school bus.

 More information tomorrow on what’sin true faith – Issue 114. 


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