Thanks once again for clicking onto the true faith website. As you can see we’ve been doing a bit of work to do update the site and hopefully you think we’ve improved the thing and its a better experience to what we had before.

Once again, we are all indebted to Glenn Ashcroft for his skill, creativity and dedication in bringing us this new website.tf121_mcclaren_ipad

It has taken us a little longer than we’d have liked to get it right for you but our philosophy has always been to better get it right than get it early.

As you can see the site is now home to everything we do including, obviously the site itself with our blogs, match previews, match reports etc as well as the fanzine, The Special, the Podcast, Video-Blogs as well as our social media stuff via Twitter and Facebook.

We will have some news about something else in the next few weeks but that story isn’t ready to be told just yet so we’ll be keeping that under wraps for the time being. It is good stuff and you will approve.

Once again, thanks to Glenn and his hard work but also to everyone who contribute to true faith and has kept us rolling since 1999. There’s still life in the old dog yet.

Keep On, Keepin’ On …