On behalf of everyone associated with true faith may I welcome new Head Coach Steve McLaren4McLaren to Newcastle United, a football club that means so much to us all and the community that sustains it and without which it is meaningless.

It has been a good move on behalf of the club to dismiss Alan Pardew’s coaching staff and it is good to see that even Lee Charnley and Graeme Carr realised that giving McLaren an opportunity to bring his own people in to run the coaching side of the club was only correct and proper. We obviously extend our best wishes to those who join Steve on the coaching team. Much is expected of them.

In many ways, the attention now turns to Graeme Carr and Lee Charnley. Both those men must share their blame for the failures of last season when grossly insufficient recruitment was made and to no-one’s surprise the team struggled very badly. It now falls to both those men to identify the correct players and negotiate the deals to bring in the players of sufficient quality and quantity to Newcastle United FC.

McLaren will like Pardew learn very quickly that he cannot rely on Charnley and the media department to make his life easier. From day one of the McLaren era they have clunked and clanged with a press conference which might put a Soviet Union show trial to shame for how clumsily stage-managed the whole thing was.

Inviting only new bessie mates The Mirror and perennial soft questioners, SKY, in the form of David Craig hardly gets McLaren off on the right tone – no meeting with the local press or any of the other newspapers that cover Newcastle United on a daily basis and with whom the manager will by necessity have a relationship with.  Another clanger dropped but well, I have little doubt Lee Charnley, Wendy Taylor, Lee Marshall and Keith Bishop will tonight imagine they have pulled off something of a blinder! No hard questions for the new manager and bish-bosh, job done.

Except the new manager now has several important journalists and media outlets with their noses put out of joint for really no reason in honesty. It really doesn’t have to be this way.  They have given McLaren a problem he need not have had.

That said, we’ve had patter previously about improving lines of communication but even the pitiful sham of the Fans Forum, with an open invitation for Mike Ashley to attend from their number unresolved that was promised to be brought forward hanging in the air. The inability of the club to respond to polite correspondence from the Newcastle United Supporters Trust and the Football Supporters Federation tells its own tale.

It’s all a bit unnecessary, classically petty and small time.


Welcome to Newcastle United Steve! TF_INITIALS_LOGO