A new weekly feature from your chums at TF is in its second part now with 10 quiz questions – this week with the theme of iconic Newcastle United players and some of the lesser known, some might say obscure clubs we signed them from. For the avoidance of doubt, Sunderland isn’t included on that list of obscure clubs, though there was a lengthy debate around that subject in the TF Bunker. 

What we’re posing here is a list of clubs some very important Newcastle United players came from – players with historic significance. So, you’ll have to be up on your club history to have a chance. Simply reference the player against the club and Bob’s your uncle. 

We’ll have the answers in the next issue of THE SPECIAL (see below on site to subscribe) or on Sunday with the match report. Subscriptions to THE SPECIAL are completely FREE! 

  1. Distillery, Ireland 
  2. Third Lanark, Scotland (will accept 2 answers)
  3. Airdieonians, Scotland 
  4. Bradford Park Avenue, Yorkshire 
  5. Linfield, Northern Ireland (1950s)
  6. Linfield, Northern Ireland (1960s) 
  7. Greenock Morton, Scotland 
  8. Vancouver Whitecaps, Canada 
  9. Tow Law Town 
  10. Sociedade Esportiva Palmeiras, Brazil


Quiz answers
1. Bill McCracken 2. Bobby Mitchell, Ronnie Simpson 3. Hughie Gallacher 4. Joe Harvey 5. Alf McMichael (50s), 6. Willie McFaul (60s) 7. Stan Seymour 8. Peter Beardsley 9. Chris Waddle 10. Mirandinha.