Did you get your e-mail from Steve McClaren thanking you for the warmth of the welcome Podcastweeklyimagefor him at United? Funny, it looked like sullen indifference to me and there were no fans invited to the opening McClaren press conference … though to be fair there wasn’t much press invited either.

Apparently, Stevie Mac has always wanted the United job though I guess we’ll have to ignore the fact he’s turned it down on three separate occasions and only finally accepted it when he’d been binned by Derby in the lower division. Ho-hum, there I go being all negative again. Please don’t compare his post-Christmas record at Derby with John Carver’s at United.

But in better news, Steve McClaren at least now has a coaching team and they arrived with not a minute to spare with the players arriving back for pre-season as some harassed shiny-arsed clerk at United was getting the ink dry on the contracts. This is a major breakthrough at United. It barely raises a flicker at any other half decent club.

This time next week United will be preparing for the short trip across the Tyne to play our Pheonixphone1best friends in the whole world, none other than the excellent Gateshead FC perched on the Geordie Lef-bank and in a good stretch of the legs walking distance from St James’ Park.

Like United, Gateshead has a new manager, Malcolm Crosby, who some of you may remember managed the Mackems in the dim and distant past when he bore an uncanny resemblance to a puppet with a walk-on part in Sesame Street.

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