Those of you who have been reading true faith for any length of time will know the name Tony Higgins and many of you will have enjoyed Tony’s excellent writing, largely focused on his life as an ex-Pat in Spain and his love of Spanish football and his fascination with his adopted country’s history and politics.


For quite some time Tony has been writing the REAL SPAIN pieces for the true faith fanzine and we know they have been

Homage to Murcia book by Tony Higginsa real-hit with those who want to know more about Spanish football beyond the media love-in with the glitz of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. It was therefore a natural step that Tony should write a book about a full season following his adopted non-league club CAP Ciudad de Murcia from the fifth tier of Spanish football and his life travelling Spain with their Ultra fans, his growing friendships and his amazing discoveries. As someone who has read the book and thoroughly enjoyed it, I can only recommend it to you. If any of you have read Tony Parks’ magnificent book A Season With Verona, I can say categorically, you will lap up Tony’s book which a few of us who have read, reckon has the edge on Parks’ brilliant book. That’s not just Geordie solidarity by the way.

You can get Tony’s book here – Homage To Murcia

It was though a privilege to get Tony, who is not only a highly prized and valued writer with true faith but a great friend to join us on the true faith WEEKLY PODCAST to talk about his life in Spain as well as the book with the Pod-Father Alex Hurst and me.

We really hope you choose to get hold of Tony’s book (its available only as an e-book) but as a taster, how about giving this podcast a listen.