Right then, eyes down for a full house. Window2

The transfer window is about to close and it looks like all of the action at United will be around the EXIT doors.

We want to know what you think of it all. There are comment boxes below and you are welcome to praise the club to the hilt for the business it has completed this summer or you can er, let rip. The choice is all yours.

We can’t approve comments that are libellous or which are overly abusive, so whilst we want strong views and opinions, please try and keep them clean-ish and do your best to keep both you and I out of court.

Let us know if you think the claim we made months ago that United would do some player-trading but spend very little net would come true or not. Did we get that right?

Were we correct to predict the club would simply re-arrange the deck-chairs on the Titanic? That Ashley has the club simply treading water?

Or has Mr Ashley sanctioned the purchase of players who will propel the club towards the alleged top eight finish we keep hearing about?

Were you pleased to see the back of Hatem Ben Arfa or do you think it represents a massive failure on the part of Alan Pardew to harness the skills of one of the most talented players seen at United in a very long while?

What do you make of the new players you have seen who the club have brought in?

Is the club stronger in September 14 to May 14?

Is Alan Pardew the man to lead Newcastle United?

And anything else you care to add?


Over to you lot.


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