Well, it was bound to happen and we duly crashed down to earth…or Wales…with a bump.NeilG

A Swansea side shorn of their main attacking threat in Bony , Michu and then Vazquez with only one home premier league win in 11 were there for the taking. I thought we might sneak a draw tonight against Laudrups boys but we never seemed to really get going and I can’t quite work out why. To be honest my TV kept going off and that might be reflected in the quality (or lack of in this report) as I spent most of a forgettable game fiddling around with the remote and swearing, or just sitting agog and swearing.
Not that I missed much to be fair, every time I caught a glimpse of what was happening the ever reliable Krul seemed to be flapping for no reason at crosses against one of the smallest teams in the league and one of our midfielders was fouling one of theirs. Not very insightful I know but that’s what came across.
Debuchy’s own goal was unfortunate but I did think he was going to revert to his ‘Radgebot 3000’ mode in the closing period of the game by absolutely tear someone a new one and get his marching orders in the process.
To be fair, any game in which Voldemort was the man of the match is a complete write off. Let’s hope we can re-group and get something at Old Trafford on Saturday as I reckon this might just be our best chance in years!

It had to come to an end at some point. After four wins on the spin a fifth was always goingSamDalling copy to be asking a lot. Most of us at least thought we’d make a better fist of things on the Welsh coast though. Against a Swansea side missing both Michu and Bony, AP must have fancied his chances of picking up something. Many expected changes to be made as the squad looked to cope with the second of three games in a week. However, the gaffer chose to stick with the 11 that saw us to victory against West Brom. But with HBA missing with Flu and Papiss withdrawing from the bench having picked up a heel injury in the warm-up, once we went behind there was a distinct lack of game-changing firepower. Although ultimately the hosts deserved their victory, the score line was perhaps flattering. We went behind after Tim failed to clear a cross and sub Nathan Dyer volleyed home. It was a bad time to concede and our number 1 probably should have done better. The second half was much brighter, with Howard Webb waving away a pair of penalty shouts that were, at very least, 50-50. From the second of these Swansea broke and, despite Debuchy making a cracking last ditch tackle, the ball still ended up in the net having ping-ponged off Krul and the Frenchman. Truth be told the game was up at that point and Jonjo Shelvey added a third, although he can count himself lucky to have still been on the pitch after an albeit minor clash of heads with our right-back. After picking up 12 points in the last four games AP has bought himself a period of immunity, however, it will certainly be interesting to see whether Shola gets the nod come Saturday.


It was always going to end somewhere. We were never going to go the remainder of the SteveFarrellseason without defeat. We were also always going to have “one of those games” where you feel like the world is against you.

Despite the penalties that weren’t and the fact a 6 foot tall phallic object got away with a head-butt, we simply weren’t at the races today. It all looked too good to be true at the start when they were missing their two top strikers. Alas, we capitulated in a way that only we know how. Had decisions went our way; it could have been a very, very different result. In fact it probably would have been. If my aunty had balls etc.

It will be interesting to see what action the FA will take against Shelvey, His excuse following the game was laughable. He’s an idiot. He’s called “Jonjo”…what’s all that about?

Twitter is naturally in meltdown at the moment, as you’d expect. The bed-wetters are back out in force but I think some perspective is needed here. We have won 12 points out of 15…that is not a bad return. In fact, it’s very, very good. Time to pick ourselves up and see what we can do in Salford at the weekend.

Steve Farrell

Jesus, that will have to go down as one of the most tiresome football matches in living Man wearing ski maskhistory, made even worse by the monotone dirge that was ‘commentary’ from Michael Owen if you, like me, were unfortunate enough to have to watch on TV. Swansea passed it back and forth about a million times, which was pointed out every few seconds, presumably to irritate the watching audience enough to keep us awake. However, it was United who looked the more dangerous side, actually doing something with the ball and forcing Vorm into a superb save from a Remy header. Against the run of play, the home side took the lead on half time, a decent volley from Nathan Dyer, made tawdry with goal music that echoed around the silent home fans.

The second half began just as frustratingly, United had a little of the possession and tried hitting Swansea on the break to no avail. Man united weren’t currently winning, so a cranky Howard Webb managed not to see a clear handball by a Swans defender in the box and we pressed on, the game heating up. Another penalty shout was ignored, we were outpaced at the back, Jonjo Shelvey tangling with Krul to make it 2, a totally undeserved own goal from Debuchy in the end.That seemed to take all the wind from united’s sails and we limped half-heartedly toward the end of the game. The insufferable Shelvey concluded the game on 80 minutes after getting away with attempting to play the hard man with Debuchy, his head-butt ending up giving the impression of  a constipated Pac-Man. United offered very little to be honest; only Debuchy really seemed to want something from this game, the rest fading after fifty minutes. Soundly beaten by a better side. Maybe we need to incorporate more of the mediocre tippy-tappy possession stuff into our own game? Bit of patience in games like these? Man United next and thank the lord that Howard Webb won’t be there (in a professional capacity anyway).