Well, how do I sum that up in more than a few words without swearing too much? ColinAppleby
Another gutless, shambolic, shapeless, hopeless, gutless (I know I have already said it), tactically inept, depressing and thoroughly gutless performance.
I’ll start with Pardew, who although restricted somewhat in terms of injuries and suspensions, still managed to surprise us all and outdo himself yet again with his display of tactical ineptitude. Can someone write a note to him on a casino chip saying that Santon isn’t a very good defender and that Steven Taylor will never be a good centre half so that he reads it and takes note? Krul probably could have done better a couple of times too but didn’t cost us the game by any means.
Our midfield were thoroughly outmuscled time after time, a common theme across the park. Although I’m still hoping Anita makes big improvements to his game, I think he is just too small for this league to play centre mid, we have had taller mascots this season and he just gets bullied. Him and Sissoko didn’t work as a pair with or without the ball and as a result, Spurs just passed it around them with ease and under no pressure.
Sammy Ameobi somehow got a start instead of Ben Arfa, another nod to Pardew’s tactical wizardry. Sammy loses the ball so often when he shouldn’t, that when he doesn’t lose it, and actually passes to someone or into space for them, no one is expecting it and nobody reacts.
I actually thought Cisse did OK for his first game back and got some decent close efforts on target, he had a lot of running in him and some decent touches. Sometimes the midfield delaying the throughball really didn’t help him stay onside either. However, maybe he only looked better because he was playing next to De Jong, who played like the Cowardly Lion from Wizard of Oz. He was absolutely terrified of any kind of physical contact, opposition defenders, the ball and even grass I think. I know it’s early in his NUFC career but major improvements are needed if he is going to achieve anything other than getting Shola a new contract.
We haven’t scored a goal in 7 of our last 8 matches and our defence look like they meet each other for the first time each week in the huddle before kick off. In the last 3 games, scored 0 conceded 10. I would like to say things can only get better, but realistically I think a long last few months of the season lie ahead with us probably finishing around 15th.
I don’t even know where to begin. Just when you think you haven’t seen a worse performance this season they SteveFarrellgo and do that. I’m struggling to blame Pardew (as much as he annoys me in his press conferences) but he put out the best team he possibly could. They are all talented enough to go out there and “do something”. But they didn’t. It was poor from front to back. I’ve got this theory about our manager, in that he can get the best out of average players like Perch, Williamson and Danny Simpson but makes really good players look crap. Look at how far downhill the likes of Ben Arfa, Cisse, Sissoko and Santon have fallen in last 12 months. It might be coincidence but I can’t help but feel they’re being coached out of being decent players.I’m not event that bothered any more. Get this season out the way. Again.

After the month we’ve had, optimism is in very short supply, even coming from myself, the last of the glass SimonCampbellnewhalf full Toon fans. Tonight was shite. It was raining, it was windy, it was cold, dark…. oh and apparently some blokes were playing football on a field in the middle of the city.Pardew needed to be Sam Allardyce tonight. We should have been sitting back trying to grind out a result. Not going for it against a side that, although not that good, cost hundreds of millions and have little to no players missing and are rejuvenated after booting AVB.

As I’m sure most people reading this are aware, I like Pardew. I think he his achievements during an often ridiculous time here have been admirable. He gets it right alot. At the moment though, he is under alot of pressure, albeit not his fault, but he is not handling it well.

When we should be taking a step back and grinding out a few points til we get our good players back, he is instead setting up 4-4-2 and attacking these games, while leaving the defence with the moronic Steven Taylor in the middle. We could should have scored a couple today, and 4-0 was harsh. Alas, this kind of result is a likelihood when approaching the game like that.

Villa is a huge game for him now. We need 6-7 points from the next 3 (doable) to recover from a heinous start to 2014. Colo, Remy, Tiote back and the rest actually fit and we can get back on track. The eleven day break couldn’t come at a better time. We’ve just had 3 tough games at the worst possible time in the space of a week and a half. 10 goals conceded is beyond unacceptable. We just have to get past it. I won’t be protesting, marching, standing outside the Strawberry shouting at the Gallowgate. Each to their own, but I still hope and believe we can finish the season strongly if we can keep the off the field craziness to a minimum. Still a huge gap below us, and the mackems are in the relegation zone. Could be so much worse so i’ll take solace in that in the mean time. Good evening.


I can safely say that I have never been more miserable watching 45 minutes of football Man wearing ski maskthan that first half. Then the second half happened and made it even worse.

There’s nothing here to report, nothing. The tatters of a once proud club, driven into the cold earth, its dreams torn from its heart and stamped into the soil. Not one player out there showed any heart or backbone, Spurs never really got out of first gear and never needed to. Alan Pardew stood, a bemused and forlorn figure on the sidelines with no clue what to do as the game crumbled around him. Somehow Lloris was forced into two great saves in the second half which lifted the crowd momentarily but as usual, it was too little, too late. I can’t see what Pardew brings to this club anymore. He seems to coach the life out of good players and even more worryingly appears unable to lift the spirits or the heads of the team as a whole.
It was quiet tonight, the hopes of the fans dashed by yet another display of abject ineptitude. It’s time for something to give. It has to be.