Well how annoying was that? Imagine getting a 30 yard raker disallowed for offside? SteveFarrellAbsolutely pathetic. If nothing else, this was proof that being an England international comes with the benefit of changing refereeing decisions. The linesman did not flag until Head and Shoulders threw his toys out of the pram. Apparently, Gouffran blocked his eyeline – despite standing 5 yards away from him. Absolute bullshit.

We’ve been conned by some twisty arsed England international and a referee based about 30 miles from their training ground. Not content with doing that, 2 minutes later he managed to give a throw in to Citeh despite one of their players booting it out of play. A scandalous 10 minutes of football if ever I’ve seen one. I know we’ve had the benefit of the doubt on occasions, whilst also being on wrong end of some poor refereeing decisions. But today was scandalous. We more than matched them and were cheated out of a point because Head & Shoulders threw his toys out of the pram.

A scandal.  Subsequently, anyone who wins the league other than Citeh is fine by me.


I often come home from a Newcastle game half expecting to see replays confirming that SimonCampbellthe referee was in fact right and that I like the majority of the crowd was guilty of getting caught up in the heat of the moment. Today was not one of those days. I have seen some ludicrous decisions in my time but I have never seen one like this.

Firstly, the linesman has not flagged for offside. He can clearly see that the players in question are in an offside position, but he does not raise his flag as they do not touch the ball. It then appears as if Joe Hart’s protests persuade the referee to go and consult the linesman. I honestly don’t know what could have been said in this conversation to justify the decision made. Meanwhile the poor sod Tiote was somewhere on the bench celebrating wildly.

Secondly, Joe Hart has not even dived. There is no way in the world he was going to save that shot. It flew into the top corner; allegedly it may have even hit a Man City player on the way through. It’s easy to say it, but I honestly don’t believe that this sort of overturning of a decision would ever happen in favour of us or anyone else against a top 4 team. The ref has bottled it under pressure spectacularly. I have a refereeing friend who is up and coming currently working in the Northern League. He has confirmed for me that the offside rule was changed this season to say that the ‘offside’ player must either touch the ball or be challenging an opposition player….Mike Jones must have missed that meeting.

This single incident has done enough to sour what was an excellent performance from the side today. Everyone played excellent, even the questionable selection of Steven Taylor seemed justified. We created some excellent chances and Remy could easily have won us this game. He really had to score deep into the second half at the Gallowgate end. Hart did well, but you just have to put those away to get something out of these games. No other complaints though. Pardew and the players got it right today and were let down by the officials.

Finally I felt it necessary to give a quick mention to a forgotten hero who appears to be making a quiet exit from the club. If twitter is to be believed, Jonas Gutierrez has played his last game for Newcastle and will be off in the near future. I have seen a lot of mixed reaction, but I have nothing but love for a player who gave us 4 cracking years. He risked his world cup place to stay with us in the championship, played every position on the pitch, great with the fans, and has a beautiful head of hair. A true gent and a man I will miss and only remember fondly. Farewell Spiderman.


Let’s start with an amazing quote from Pellegrini, bear in mind, this is actually real “We Man wearing ski maskhad no help from the referee today.” It seems, to get help from a referee, you have to play for England and be able to shout (advertising cheap dandruff shampoo helps too). It’s worked for Steven Gerrard for most of his career; so when Tiote’s goal went in, all Joe Hart had to do was shout loud enough and the desicion was reversed. That’s how football works, right? Sarcasm aside, that assemblage of expensive, blue drones were 1-0 up after some poor defending from United and deservedly so. The ludicrous nature of the disallowed equaliser, however, became a cataylst for a decent fightback. Tim Krul had virtually nothing to do as United surged forward again and again, forcing Head and Shoulders into several good saves. The match was poised on 60 minutes; we needed a change and , unfortunately, as is becoming horribly common, Pardew made the wrong one. Anita, who had been dictating the midfield was replaced, inexplicably by Cisse. I’m not one to slag the lad off but a whippet-like goal poacher is not going to be much use against the wall of might that is Kompany et al. Eventually Yoan Gouffran who’d been soaking up city’s wing play like a furious sponge was replaced by Ben Arfa who was left to try and take on the opposing 11 on his own. It was yet another case of doing the right thing… too late. Their second goal came in added time after we’d thrown everyone forward and it stung after what was actually a very good performance. 4 defeats in a row and we need to start taking our chances. Hopefully ol’ hippo-heed will still be in charge of west ham when we go to their gaff and if there’s any place to pick up points, it’s there.