A belated entry to the tifosi this week. I didn’t see the game live and was not in a position SimonCampbellnewto give an instant reaction. I avoided Match of the Day and most football media at all costs over the weekend out of dread of the circus surrounding what I knew had happened!

Pardew is an idiot for doing what he did, we all know that. He should have known that regardless of his supposed intent, the media would be all over this. Alex Hurst gives an excellent account of the media witch hunt that has occurred since Saturday in his ‘Read all about it’ column and I strongly recommend giving it a read if you haven’t already. I therefore don’t feel the need to go on about Pardew any further.

When I finally got round to watching some decent highlights (NOT Match of the Day); I was delighted with the performance. Four goals away from home does not happen very often, and we could have had several more. After a shaky start and some outrageous stuff from Krul, we just went and hammered them for 70mins. Remy and De Jong look very tidy together, Sissoko back on form and Anita, who I’d written off a few weeks ago, really pulling the strings and making things happen. His performance amongst others here did a lot to show we still have plenty of talent to fill the void left by Cabaye (when everyone is fit).

As I have said every week, we really can push on. Man City have ensured another European place is up for grabs, we have 30 more points to fight for and if we hit some form we can get a lot out of them. Yes, we could be without the manager on the sidelines for some time (if the papers are correct, which I don’t actually doubt about this). Alas, this shouldn’t completely mess things up. As Sir Alex has already pointed out, Pardew should sit the fuck down in the first place! His presence on the touchline is not why we win or lose games and this shouldn’t become the disaster the national press would like it to become.

Alas, I am still delighted with another away victory and looking forward to the games ahead. Don’t think there’ll be too many weekends like it where we get to celebrate 7 goals….I’m sure you know what I mean by that!


I’ll tell you what – that was the perfect away performance. It had to be spoilt by a moment SteveFarrellof stupidity didn’t it? I’ve always found it very difficult to warm to our manager, be never covers himself in class but this incident took the biscuit. Yes, there was no real contact and probably no malice but there was absolutely no reason for him to do it. So far, it’s a £100k fine. Does he deserve more? Lord knows given the FAs inconsistency in decisions.

The performance was pretty much spot on though. They played well in the first half but we took our chances well. I was so happy to see Big Vurn on the scoresheet though. He’s a class player and we need him to stay long term. I was also pleased to see Sissoko on the scoresheet again. There’s a class player in there somewhere. Every now and then it shows it’s face.

As for Willo – someone buy him a ticket to Brazil. If Caulker is on the plan than Big Mike has to be! Sadly, Willo has never played for Spurs so won’t make it over there.

As a side note, we won 4-1 away from home. Yay!