This will be my last entry in TIFOSI this season as next week I’m doing a


charity run and as the title is now City’s anyway, Im literally not arsed about

the Liverpool game.

The season ended for me today and I’m sure like most people it couldn’t come

quick enough for me! It’s been pretty much torture since January for so many

reasons. Alas, I for one enjoyed today.

Like 40000+ others today, I couldn’t bring myself to walk out at 54,59,60 or

69mins. It’s still a game of football involving the team I support and I wanted

us to win.

We were rewarded with 2 more goals and a performance that convinced me (even

against a surprisingly pointless Cardiff side) we still have a squad that has

some togetherness and IF the club takes what is their most important summer in

my lifetime  seriously, then next season can be something to look forward to.


Changes have to be made early. A decision on Pardew must be made immediately.

Either he’s done (no one could really complain) or Ashley wants him to stay and

he backs him and gives him some players to work with next season!


He’s had a nightmare in the last few months, some his doing, some not. But,

given a summer to recuperate, as always I’ll give him my backing if he still has

the job. We should finish 9th in the league this season. That’s decent! and

whilst it doesn’t really paint the whole picture it is a position we have by

virtue of the fact we accumulated so many points before Christmas before

Ashely/kinnear fucked it up.

Pardew, for all of the flack he gets, has still achieved a respectable amount in

the last few years in ludicrous circumstances at times. He’s not perfect, but I

don’t think he deserves the level of anger aimed at him.

I’d like to see a new manager equally as something fresh to get excited about

would be healthier than a summer of constant moaning and bickering which would

be inevitable if nothing changes… Either way a summer break is what’s needed

after the last few months after which is like to see St James’ produce some

noise like they did today, it was awesome to hear and a reminder of the effect

we can have on a football match!

Oh. The match. We won 3-0 didn’t we. That’s also decent! Farewell goal for

Shola. (Please no new contract?!) good to see some attacking football, could

have been 6-0. Could have been 3-3. That’s how our games have been this season

and we deserved it to go right for once. Have a good summer lads and ladies.