Since we moved to a 100% digital format last season, one of our most successful innovations has been our match-day e-
newsletter, THE SPECIAL.

THE SPECIAL comes to you absolutely FREE of charge and is a modern fanzine development for the modern fanzine reader. THE SPECIAL goes straight to your in-box and its a perfect pre-match read be that if you are travelling the length of the country to go to the game or watching it down the pub or in your living room. Its brilliant on any smart-phone you care to mention but its also great on i-pads, tablets, lap-tops and PCs.

Its brilliantly designed but it is also packed with pre-match crack to get you in the mood for the game. 

We have a tactical overview of the game, some nostalgia from previous encounters, a match-day quiz, some crack with the oppo’s fanzine lads and lasses and a great bit of wider coverage picking on football in general and the major footballing issues of the day. Some of our longest serving writers and a couple of newbies help put THE SPECIAL together anspecial_widgetd we are delighted at the positive feedback we’ve received.

For years fanzine readers had to go looking for a pasty-faced seller before the match in the 30 seconds between pub and turnstile or hunt the fellas down in various hopeless newsagents but in our new format we can put your match-day reading in your in-box before you have even left the house.

The other thing is, THE SPECIAL is absolutely and completely, totally FREE.

All you need to do to get THE SPECIAL is follow the example of thousands of your fellow Mags and get signed up. You can do that by just clicking here.

You only have to subscribe once and we’ll send THE SPECIAL to you until you tell us to stop.

Its as simple as that.

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