Once again, this weekend we will have The Special popping into the in-boxes of those who have signed up for this match-Specialad1day treat.

The Special is an off-shoot of the true faith fanzine and is designed to provide a good slice of match-related content on the morning of every first team game Newcastle United plays this season. It comes to you as an electronic Newsletter on every match-day morning while you are still asleep.

Our writers all focus upon the up and coming match and we carry in-depth assessments of the day’s opponents as well as a range of other Newcastle United and football related patter which is exclusive to true faith. We’ve also added some nostalgia pieces this season and we expect they will be very well received by you, our adoring public.

Have we mentioned The Special is FREE? It is absolutely FREE. No catches. Just 100% FREE.

Unlike in the olden days you now don’t have to go looking for a fanzine seller on match-days because your alternative Newcastle United writing will pop into your in-box on the morning of the game. It reads excellently on a smart-phone so you can keep it for the long journey to Swansea on the bus or you can read it on any mobile device i.e. i-pad, tablet etc.

Then again, you can sit and read it on your PC or lap-top while eating your porridge.  Its equally good on any device. Our motorwaypreference is on a smart-phone however. Its a great read sitting in the back of a car on the way to a game, on a bus, train or waiting in the pub for your hopeless mates.

You only need to sign up once – as soon as you have supplied us with your e-mail address, you’ll be getting The Special every match-day until you tell us to stop.

We have a regular bunch of true faith writers providing the reading material for The Special and over the past season it’s readership has grown and grown.

Of course, The Special isn’t just for match-goers of course and the little fella goes to every corner of the globe. There are Black & Whiters everywhere it seems.

Thousands of supporters have already signed up for The Special, so don’t be left out.

All you need to do to get signed up for The Special is click here.


That is all.