As we count down the days to our next fun-packed fixture (ahem) at St James’ Park, your fellow fans from true faith’s esteemed writing circle are now pulling together material for our next packed issue of our increasingly popular match-day e-Newsletter, The Special.

In the past, if you wanted a bit of fanzine writing on a match-day you had to go through the ordeal of finding a sullen, pasty-faced fanzine seller facing the wrong way who probably had no change. Or you could pop down to your local newsagents and discover the terminally stupid distributor hadn’t delivered enough copies or even at all or it had sold out.

And even then, our fanzine came out on average once per 6 weeks so it wasn’t like you had new material for every game.

Those days are over.


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Now for a good old, fanzine read all you need to do is to sign up for true faith’s match-day Newsletter, The Special and youspecial_widget will have a fantastic selection of top notch and unique match-day writing from some of true faith’s regular writing team.

The Special is mainly focused on the day’s match so you’ll have close scrutiny on the day’s opponents and you can impress your friends by blagging your way through formations, tactics, injury news and all manner of other schmutter as provided in The Special.

We also aim to have some crack with the opposing team’s fans and usually its with their fanzine’s lads and lasses.

As well as that there are pithy, amusing and informative pieces provided by our regular writing team.

One of the advantages of being signed up to The Special is that when our new fanzine is published (with more in-depth pieces, columns and varied articles) in its forthcoming FREE format, subscribers to our match-day newsletter, will be the first to get access to it. We can’t say fairer than that.

In line with everything we now produce digitally, The Special is absolutely and totally FREE. No tricks, no scams, just a good wholesome freebie.

The Special works perfectly fine on any device but we imagine that our readers really do prefer it on smart-phones and that it is a great read in the house before you set off for the match or on the bus, Metro, train, sitting in the pub waiting for your mates or in the stands before KO.


All you need to do to get access to The Special is click here and get signed up.

Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be getting The Special forever – until you tell us to stop or we keel over.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …