TRUE15 LUKE 1977 Voucher (1)



Greetings everyone. We know thousands of you have been stuck into the latest issue of true faith (TF 122) but its not the
only publication we’ll be putting out this week.

As regular readers will know on every match-day we put the true faith Newsletter, THE SPECIAL into your in-boxes for absolutely no charge whatsoever.

Well, we do if you have signed up to it.

Its easy to sign up to The Special and all you need to do to get it this coming Saturday is to click here.

But I suppose you might want to know what its about and why you should give us your e-mail address. Well, I could say its original fanzine writing from life-long, match-going Mags focused on the up and coming game but it would probably just be easier if you had a look at last week’s issue before the Stoke game to get the picture. Click here.

And that’s it really.