We are only days away from a new season and one which few people can predict with any certainty which way it will go forSJP1 good ol’ Newcastle United, the cause of a Tyneside burst ulcer epidemic since 1892.

But on every match-day, home, away, Premier League, FA Cup and League Cup, true faith will have an issue of our match-day Newsletter, THE SPECIAL dropping into your in-box just as you wake up and start thinking about that day’s match.

Our team of writers on THE SPECIAL – Alex Hurst, Mark Brophy, Wallace Wilson, Aaron Stokes, Guy Hannay-Wilson, Gareth Harrision (Deputy Editor) and Michael Martin (Editor) will provide a good ol’ match-day warm up of the day’s game just as they did last season.

THE SPECIAL is ideal to be read on any device but we recommend getting it on your smart-phone as its perfect for reading on the bus, Metro, train, horse-back or getting a backa off your kid. We would rather you didn’t read it when driving. That wouldn’t be good. You can read it in the pub waiting for your rubbish mates or even at the match waiting for the teams to run out. We don’t mind how you read it, just so long as you read it.


We are delighted this season to have our ranks on THE SPECIAL bolstered by the recruitment of Marc Corby, our special_widget_picnostalgia specialist. We give Marc the usual true faith fan-fare when announcing one of our new recruits – a’reet Marc!

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THE SPECIAL was enormously successful last season and we had some great feedback from it.

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