We have been contacted by a number of readers or should I say would-be-readers who tf_105_coverhave rocked up to their local newsagents only to discover the latest issue isn’t there. They have all been despatched in the usual way and the honest to good news truth is they have been selling like those proverbial hot-cakes I keep hearing about.

For those buzzing about NE1 we’d recommend you pop into WH Smiths in the Central Station as we always sort them with a massive stash and there were still copies available there after the match. Hopefully, WH Smiths on Northumberland St. will have been replenished by the time you read this because they were sold out by lunchtime on Saturday.

You could do us a favour and ask your newsagent to take more from the distributor or you could just buy directly from us and save the slavver of hunting them down in the paper-shops of Tyneside and the surrounding hinterland.

We sold a canny few outside St James’ Park before the West Ham match on Saturday but we do have a box of pristine copies left which will likely be reduced after games at Morecambe and Fulham this coming weekend.

Why not just buy from us directly here (the postage is probably cheaper than the bus fare into town) or take out a subscription here.

Alternatively, you could get all jet-age and jump on the zeitgeist by getting your fix of true faith through a digital subscription. The digital subscription will allow you access also to a fairly decent archive of back issues as well. Get on the Digital revolution here.