Many, many thanks to all of you have been out and bought issue 109 of true faith. It is tf_109_covergreatly appreciated and we hope you have been informed and entertained by it. We are all enormously honoured to provide you with a fanzine that appears to be valued by you.

For those of you who would like to get hold of a copy, you will need to stir yourselves this week if you want to be certain of getting hold of one of the little fellas.

Copies of the fanzine are falling fast on newsagents shelves with only the odd copy here and there in some outlets. There are still good handfuls of copies at WH Smiths at Central Station and on Northumberland St. but they are going steadily as well.

We do have half a box left within the true faith bunker but when they have gone, we’ll be completely cleaned out.

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