Almost on cue, Mike Ashley’s pet, Bob Moncur, who lest anyone forget is on the club Moncur3payroll, has been wheeled out to do one of his “everything is going to be okay” acts. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so depressing that a genuine club hero wasn’t tarnishing his reputation so irreparably with his kiss-arse acts for his boss. I hope Bob makes sure it’s worth his while. Beardsley will be next. Ashley’s PR, Keith Bishop is certainly busy.

This is the latest:

“I also asked Lee about investment in the squad in the summer. And he reinforced the message that John Carver had already given. We will be spending money in the summer to take the club forward.”

Bob Moncur, 10/Apr/15

Remember, Bob Moncur is paid by Mike Ashley.

This is the “promise” (cough) given by John Carver (which in itself suggests he is the next manager):

“Mike (Ashley) and Lee Charnley know what they have to do and I’m telling you now if I CarverEvertonwas sitting here and I thought they were giving me lip service I would say ‘thanks very much, I’m off – I’m walking away from this. I’m not because I know what we have to do, I know what they’re saying to me is right. Let me tell you something, if I didn’t have enough belief in what they were trying to do and the promises they’ve said about the summer, then yes I would walk away. I know what work is being done and they’ve said it, they’ve gone on record. They’ve said we need to bring players into this club, first of all to boost the size of the squad but also to improve the quality, to take us on. We can’t stand still because other clubs are not standing still and they know that. We have to go with them. And if we don’t you get left behind and they know that.”

John Carver, 9/Apr/15

Firstly, if this is the case why can’t Ashley and / or Charnley get in front of the cameras and say it themselves, makes themselves available for questions in a public arena? And I mean a proper interview conducted by respected journalists rather than those who may work for a company which is rumoured to be in the process of becoming a Newcastle United Media partner.

Secondly, we have heard all of this shite before, spouted by Carver’s predecessor, Alan Pardew, who was either a fool or a knave. Carver has the same doubts now pushed his way regarding his character.

Thirdly, would anyone really expect John carver to walk away from a 5-year contract? To be potentially liable to pay Ashley damages as Pardew was required to do ahead of his move to Palace? Really? To give up potential earnings, conservatively estimated at around £500K.

Does anyone really swallow that? Honestly, truly, do you?

You will note the talk is about spending money as if that addresses everything that is wrong at United.

Newcastle United could put a great side together for two-bob and no-one would be arsed if it was competitive and had a will to win. If the players on the books were committed to the club and to achieving for Newcastle United rather than to get themselves a big move to a proper club!

United might make some signings this summer but what is absolutely certain is that the club’s few better players will go and they are likely to be Krul, Colo, Janmaat, Perez, Sissoko and anyone else they can get money for.

Nothing is being built at United other than income streams for Mike Ashley in my opinion.

The flannel isn’t even consistent. Sometimes we hear tittle tattle that the club wants to sign only a few players of quality but then that they recognise the squad isn’t deep enough. This lot could not lie straight in bed.

If things are going to change so radically, then ask yourself this, why have they waited until the prospect of empty stands for a live game on SKY to tell us and further why haven’t Ashley or even Charnley got the balls to stand in front of some proper journalists or even fans and tell us themselves.

It’s because its rubbish!