Here it is: the cause of sleepless nights, copious intakes of black coffee, Red Bull and pastiertf112_cover_ipad faces than usual. Yes, it is the true faith, SUMMER SPECIAL.

This is unquestionably the biggest EVER fanzine produced at Newcastle United. It is a staggering 169 pages of coverage of your club, the people who support it and our world.

No-one in the country has produced a fanzine on this scale before or at this price. We’ve walked into the DIGITAL fanzine borstal and announced – we’re the Daddies now.

This is roughly three times the size of the last hard-copy issue we did and much as we loved the print versions we knocked out, there is absolutely no way we would have been able to deliver something like this fella in print format.

‘Nuff Respec’ to my home-boy Glenn Ashcroft, our fantastic designer who has once again done the business with this beauty.

Obviously, it’s not just about the quantity, we are all pretty satisfied we have put out some tip top writing in this issue and confident you will enjoy what is on offer in this our SUMMER SPECIAL.

I’m aware I’ve been boring everyone to tears but for the avoidance of doubt true faith : DIGITAL is bigger, better, faster and cheaper than what has come before.

We didn’t make the decision lightly to leave the hard-copy version behind but going through this beast has convinced us this is the right thing to do.

We keep banging on about how our best days are ahead of us and here is the first instalment of the evidence.

So, what’s in the big lump of a fanzine?

Our writers have taken a magnifying glass to Newcastle United on and off the park. Pardew, the Development Squad, Finances, Advertising, threatened boycotts of season tickets, rebellion, what has to be done, the sale of the lease on land behind the Gallowgate End and even Peter Beardsley and Bob Moncur whose support for Ashley has been a dark family secret none of us have wanted to acknowledge. Until now.

But we are also doing a fair bit of nostalgia because we all love a wander down a back lane to better times. We have a superb piece on the 93/94 season when we stormed into the Premier League after promotion on a wave of KK euphoria. With many on their way to the World Cup in Brazil, we remember the time when Brazil came to us in the shape of one Francisco Ernani Lima da Silva, better known as Mirandinha, who definitely was not from Argentina. Along with the nostalgia of United within living memory, we also have the fantastic 60 Second Season and it has reached a rather special year in the club’s history to coincide with this landmark issue of true faith.

You know we’re all unashamed internationalists in the tf bunker and you know the reach of true faith goes far and wide. That is why we’ve been able to bring you a great piece on Mehdi Abeid and his loan at Panathanikos from a Mag based in Athens, it’s how we can bring you a great piece of coverage about the build up to the World Cup from a Mag in Rio and it’s how we can give you an alternative look at the Spanish football scene away from Real and Barca by one of our own out in Espana. It’s how we have started a superb new piece about Italian football, written by a Mag whose Black & White coat definitely has an edge of Fiorentina’s il Viola and it’s how we can bring you a brilliant account of a weekend in Germany watching SV Hamburg playing out a vital game in their fight against relegation. But don’t forget it’s how we can bring you the account of how one Mag from the true faith stable has immersed himself into the football culture of Senegal. We’re here, we’re there we’re every f…. you get the picture.

Our lot might be in every far flung corner of the world but don’t imagine we’ve been missing the doings going on over Tyne at Gateshead FC. Oh no, we were there alright and we’ve got our take on our best mates recent adventures.

Don’t tell me you thought we wouldn’t have something about this League 3 proposal did you? It’s here, don’t worry.

With the World Cup upon us, it wouldn’t be right for us not to link the history of the tournament to our just and righteous cause and United’s relationship with the greatest show on earth down the years.

Because we are total ponces, we like to do bits and bobs on music, film, books and we’ve added terrace fashion as well. We know that’s not everyone’s cup of tea but there are plenty of those amongst you who keep encouraging us to do this stuff. So we will.


But we have managed to keep our mainstay regulars on board, so those who turn to the daily diary of THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES, POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE, FEEL EVERY BEAT and THE END. So don’t be fretting.

We have managed to add some bells and whistles but nowt that will get on your wires and some just to help you get around this issue.

Not that we are sitting on our laurels, not that we think we’ve got it cracked. We think we are just at the start of this malarkey but we need you to tell us which way to go. That’s why in the next week or so, we’ll be e-mailing all our subscribers to ask what needs to be looked at and all the rest of it. We need you to help us improve the thing.


Anyway, that’s enough spiel from me, you just need to sign up and you can do that here and now.


Keep On, Keepin’ On …  


Editorial note: we are expecting the Summer Special to be available via Exact Editions by mid-afternoon Monday, 9th of June. TF_INITIALS_LOGO