Long-standing readers of the hard-copy version of true faith might be wondering what alltf_112_cover the fuss is about with the new DIGITAL format of true faith is but we would just like to reassure you all that all the regular features we featured previously have made the journey with us.

For example:

EDITORIAL – as you might expect the overview of how things are going at Newcastle United features prominently in the SUMMER SPECIAL as it always has done.

THRU BLACK & WHITE EYES – the longest running feature in true faith, the daily diary of every twist and turn in the life and times of our club is also here in the DIGITAL version of the fanzine. This issue is something of a Director’s Cut and is somewhat longer and more detailed than usual. This is one of the advantages available to us in the DIGITAL medium.

GEORDIES HERE, GEORDIES THERE – This time there are Geordies in Germany. Great piece this.

FEEL EVERY BEAT – Match reports and unique photography from United’s run-in towards the end of last season.

DRUMS & WIRES – As some of you know we do a bit of dabbling in music, film etc. and this time we have a 20th anniversary piece on OASIS’ arrival into the music lover’s consciousness. There is also Chris Raper’s brilliant round-up of the best films you can see as well as Emile Strunz’s views on the DJ lark and the use of technology with a nod to the switch to DIGITAL. There is also a fantastic book review of Alan McGee’s (CREATION RECORDS) life and times. Not to be missed for the foot-tappers amongst you.

SKETCH FOR SUMMER – Every transfer window one of our writers does a piece on what they think is required at United in order for the club to move forward. This time the excellent Mark Brophy casts his eye over the state The Toon was in at the end of last season and the basis of what was known to be happening at that time, discusses what needs to be done this summer.  A piece that is not to be missed.

NEWS FROM NOWHERE – Regular readers know we stick our toes into the non-league waters every now and again and there was only one place where the true faith foot was required last season and that was at Gateshead FC. We have two fantastic pieces in this issue covering the events at the International Stadium for the play-off decider with Grimsby (complete with Newcastle United Grimsby related nostalgia) and of course the trip to Wembley with The Heed. Some great photography and footage from these games.

60 Second Season – Chris Laws has been tracking the history of Newcastle United from its inception on a season by season basis and arrives at the 1904/05 season in this issue. A rather special season in the history of our club. Chris has got his hands on some fantastic footage from this season. It doesn’t last long but clock the original West Stand at St James’ Park. This stuff is fascinating.

POSTCARDS FROM THE EDGE – Long-standing radge, Paully has had a column in the pages of your favourite fanzine for many years now and hopefully will have one for many years to come. His brilliantly entertaining column has made the journey to the land of DIGITAL and we are delighted it has. Its here in all of its glory.

THE END – Gav Bradshaw is one of our longest standing writers and been with true faith for many, many years. Gav always manages to bring an air of cool detachment and objectivity to proceedings and often rises above the white noise of Newcastle United’s often febrile debate to bring a different kind of analysis on what’s going on at United. He never fails to deliver. This is not to be missed.


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