I realise the football parts of our brains are now engaged in what is promising to be an tf112_cover_ipadabsolutely wonderful World Cup in Brazil but our true faith SUMMER SPECIAL is out now and what went down at Newcastle United last season is a matter of great interest to all of us in the Black & White cognoscenti.

Amongst many other areas of analysis in this issue is the performance of Alan Pardew. It is fair to say the manager struggled with his relationship with the fans towards the end of the season and naturally our writers are offering a contribution to the debate.

Hopefully, you will agree that our writers have approached Pardew’s performance in a objective way and are using facts to build their argument. This is how this issue has approached the Pardew debate:

Humiliated – Paul Martin has examined the heaviest defeats United has suffered in the Premier League era and compared the ratio and nature of them as suffered in the three and a bit seasons of Alan Pardew’s management of Newcastle United. There are some interesting conclusions here.

A Game of Two Halves – Our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison has completed a full game by game review of the 2013/14 season, pin-pointing strengths and weaknesses on and off the park and this is a pretty intelligent and informed summary of everything about last season and what it tells us about the manager, his record and what the future should and should not hold for him.

Arrested Development – long established true faith scribbler Dave Smith has tackled the subject of the players coming to United and how their talent has been nurtured under Alan Pardew and his staff. As the club looks to shift players in and out this close season this is a timely and thought provoking piece about what has happened to several players who have come to St James’ Park in recent years and what the future might hold for some still here.

You Can’t Argue With The Facts – this is a really hard-hitting piece from Matt Lewer who has analysed the playing style and some statistics around just how Pardew’s team performed last season. It pulls no punches but assembles a very strong argument that will make a few people shift uncomfortably in their seats in the dug-out. Or it should if they bothered to engage with supporters.

Alan Pardew By Numbers – For those of you who love crunching data, this is a fantastic piece written by Richard Smith. Corners, Dead-balls, headers, goals conceded and all of that and more is gone through in great detail in this piece, which again gets right to the heart of what has gone on at United this last season and pin-points exactly what has to be improved. A really entertaining and informative piece which achieves exactly what we want to do with the stuff we publish in true faith.

Pardew : More Numbers – Like the article above this piece anlayses several areas of Pardew’s performance in the last season but in a different way to Richard Smith with new writer Chris Holt compiling several graphs and charts showing loads of different areas of performance. These two pieces don’t duplicate one and other – despite some cross-over areas they actually look at different things in different ways and have been written completely independently of one and other. They build an excellent and informed picture of exactly why Pardew’s players failed so emphatically in the second half of last season. This is absolutely essential reading for the students of the game out there.


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