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If you managed to get yourself a n i-pad, tablet, kindle or God knows what else for Christmas then you have the perfect device to read true faith – just like you did with our hard-copy.

Each issue is at least a minimum of 100 pages long and we bring out 10 issues per season.

Each issue focuses upon what is happening at Newcastle United but we look at the history of the club and do some pieces which are straightforward nostalgia and we know you love them.

We have true faith writers stashed all over the world and because of that we are able to give you a supporters-eye view of what is happening in other parts of the world. So, in this next issue we’ll have Tony Higgins giving us the low down from Spain, John Milton from Brazil, Peter Embleton with his incredible knowledge of Italian football and Dan Gordon who has been across to Germany. If there is same space we might just squeeze something in from South Korea as well.

We have some great interviews with local authors Michael Walker and Paul Brown whose tf115_60_second_season_ipadnew books we’ve been featuring just lately.

To go hold of a subscription could not be easier.

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Our next issue will be out in the first week of January 2015.

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true faith has been established as one of the most prominent fanzines in the UK since tf116_sammy_ipad1999. It is one of the most respected, widely read and best selling nationally. It is frequently short-listed by the Football Supporters Federation in its national awards.

Over the years, true faith has had literally hundreds of different fans write for the fanzine and it is proudly for supporters by supporters.

No-one here claims any super-fan status – we are people like you – match-going Mags who love the club, the city, the North East and are proud of our Geordie roots.

Anyone can write for true faith. We have writers aged from 16 to 80 and they come in all shapes and sizes – men, women and we don’t give a shit about who you sleep with as long as you don’t ask us to join in and you put the cat out.

If you are interested in writing for true faith – i.e. match reports for the website etc, articles for the fanzine or mini-pieces for THE SPECIAL match-day newsletter, just get in touch. Drop us a line on editor@

If you have any skills you think would help us, just drop us a line to offer your services and we’ll do our best to utilise you in the service of the fanzine.

Any profit we make from true faith will be reinvested into what we offer online and over the years you will see us push on and improve everything we do.

Nowadays we offer everything through digital channels because that is what you tell us you want. Although leaving our hard-copy days behind us was somewhat traumatic for us you should know that our readership in the last year has trebled. We don’t rule out dipping back into hard-copy every now and again when occasion demands it but frankly, its digital that you like and I’ve got the numbers to prove it.

We do need your support to grow so it would be brilliant if you took our a subscription and helped true faith contribute to one of the best independent supporter media scenes in the country.