As regular as clockwork, the true faith team that brings you the match-day alternative sat_spec_32_samsungprogramme will have THE SPECIAL ready for your reading pleasure first thing on Sunday morning as many of us head for St James’ Park or some of you head for pubs, internet streams or whatever. THE SPECIAL is the perfect match-day read ahead of the game.

Unlike the match-day programme, THE SPECIAL comes to you absolutely FREE and isn’t full of shit from the people who masquerade as the custodians of our club.

Every issue of THE SPECIAL is rammed with original material and written by ordinary match-going fans just like you.

We decided to bring our THE SPECIAL after some of you contacted us to say you were missing our hard-copy fanzine on match-days. Well, this is our response and unlike the olden days you don’t have to go looking for one of our sellers or hunt one of the little fellas in a newsagent and nor will you lose it in the pub, at the match or on the way home.

THE SPECIAL will be delivered to your in-box once you have signed up for it. It is an ideal read on your smart-phone but works equally well on any other device you care to mention i.e. tablet, kindle, i-pad, PC or lap-top.

THE SPECIAL is true faith’s alternative programme and we hope match-day reading for SirLes2the more discerning Mag (of which there are bliddy loads of you if the number of sign-ups are any measure).

We will take a fan’s eye look at the up and coming game as well as the Premier League’s fixtures and news that weekend as well as what is going on in the world of football more generally that weekend.

All of our pieces in THE SPECIAL are absolutely original and written by dedicated supporters just like you.

As well as containing plenty of reading, THE SPECIAL also has a mini-podcast embedded as well as a canny little quick quiz to wile away a few moments.

It is perfect on any device but we do have in mind the smart-phone reading Mag in mind for THE SPECIAL. But read it on your i-pad, tablet, lap-top or PC. We don’t mind.

Have we mentioned THE SPECIAL is absolutely and completely FREE. It’s FREE.

All you need to do to sign up to receive THE SPECIAL newsletter is to click here and we’ll send you it every match-day until we keel over or you tell us to stop.

That’s it.