This Saturday morning, all subscribers will have THE SPECIAL in their in-boxes ahead sat_spec_32_samsungof the day’s game at St James’ Park with high-flying Southampton.

THE SPECIAL is an alternative programme of match-day reading for those who want a little bit more than learning of the continuing adventures of Monty Magpie. It is all straight into your in-box and therefore you can choose to read it on whatever device you choose – it is ideal for smart-phone, i-phones, tablets, i-pads, kindles, lap-tops and PCs.

When we switched 100% to digital channels we had been contacted by readers unhappy their match-day read of the fanzine had been curtailed. So, we have responded by providing original and high quality Newcastle United and football reading for you every match-day. As ever, what we are putting out is brilliantly designed and 100% original.

You don’t have to go looking for THE SPECIAL – it will come straight to you. So, no more hunting down of our sellers and being told by newsagents, it has sold out. You match-day read will be in your in-box from first thing in the morning.

Have I mentioned, THE SPECIAL is absolutely FREE?

As well as freshly written articles that are written only a few days before you get to read it, we also have a short quiz as well as a mini-podcast.

We have designed THE SPECIAL with the match-going supporter in mind and imagine it is a great read for anyone travelling into the match by public transport, in the pub waiting for mates or just before KO, half-time and on the way home again.

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