Our match-day e-Newsletter, The Special has been undergoing some improvements and it sat_spec1will be all-singing and all-dancing this Saturday morning.

We have four of our regular writers contributing 100% original material which will focus upon the up and coming Newcastle United match as well as a range of other issues from the world of football at home and abroad.

Our writing team for The Special is led by deputy editor Gareth Harrison who is joined by Gay Hannay-Wilson, Alex Hurst and Mark Brophy who have contributed consistently top notch material for true faith over many, many years.

As well as the reading material, we’ll also have The Little Chat, a mini-podcast produced by Alex Hurst and his team who bring out the weekly PODCAST for true faith. That will be available from The Special.

We are also grateful to David X Smith, another long-standing true faith scribbler who has kindly volunteered to pull together a quick quiz for The Special and Saturday’s will focus upon our opponents Queens Park Rangers.

The Special is becoming very, very popular with match-going Mags who read it on their smart-phones on the way to games and it is ideal for reading on the bus, Metro, train, waiting around in pubs for mates, before KO at the match, half-time and on the way home again.

We have produced The Special as a response to requests for match-day reading given our move to a digital format. Due to the digital format of true faith, we can now produce fresh, original material for supporters for every weekend game.

Another further improvement is unlike the olden days of hard-copy, you don’t have to go hunting for your match-day reading in newsagents, looking for sellers or standing in queues as it comes straight to you. Yo won’t spill beer on it or leave it on the Metro or fold it up so severely it is unreadable a few moments after getting it. This is the modern world.

The Special, although designed for smart-phones and Mags on the move, is perfectly good for tablets, i-pads, tablets, lap-tops, PCs, kindles and any other device you care to name.

The Special is available to any supporter, anywhere in the world. You can read it equally well if you are on the way to Legends in Manhattan to watch The Toon are on the bus from North Kenton to NE1.

Its brilliant reading for Mags at the match though.

Its also completely FREE of charge.

All you need to do to receive The Special is to sign up here. 

There are no catches, no scams or anything else. It is completely FREE of charge.

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