Well, with gut-wrenching predictability, United crashed and burnt at White Hart Lane on sat_spec_32_samsungWednesday night with over 4000 Mags making  a mid-week trip to the capital only a few days after we sold out the away end at Arsenal along the road.

Eight goals shipped as we capsized in fairly typical fashion.

Loads of screw-ups on the night, outside, on the pitch and another Cup debacle to add to Pardew’s ever-growing collection.

This is/was a big week for Newcastle United and part one has sunk without trace.

The second part will likely define our season.

Ahead of the derby we will have another issue of our match-day newsletter, THE SPECIAL.

THE SPECIAL features regular writers the editor, yours truly, deputy editor, Gareth Harrison, regular true faith writers Mark Brophy, Guy Hannay-Wilson and Alex Hurst.

There are short, punchy columns all of which are original writing and available only to those who sign up for it.

There is a quick quiz to test your Newcastle United knowledge and Alex & Co. knock out a mini-version of their podcast, THE LITTLE CHAT so stick a pair of ear-phones in your pocket and get entertained by the lads.

THE SPECIAL is targeted at Mags on the move with a smart-phone. It is designed for reading on buses, Metros, trains, in pubs at half-time and everywhere else you have told us you enjoyed reading our hard-copy fanzine before we shifted exclusively to digital in the summer.

Of course, THE SPECIAL reads perfectly fine on loads of other devices – tablets, i-pads, kindles, lap-tops and PCs so its perfect for everyone really. Jump in.

Our big features are still in the fanzine proper but THE SPECIAL is a nod to our past as a good bit of alternative reading on match day.

Except with everything we are now doing digitally, its all better. We have decided to bring out an issue of THE SPECIAL for every single game we play home and away so you will be getting new and original writing on every match day.

Unlike the past, you do not have to go looking for our sellers or hunt it down from clueless newsagents – THE SPECIAL will find you while you are in the land of nod and its there ready for you when you are getting your smoked kippers and champagne for breakfast.

Oh, and its absolutely FREE. There are no tricks, no scams or blags. It is absolutely FREE and GRATIS. It is our gift to you, our fellow Mags.

To get hold of THE SPECIAL – just click here.

If you sign up before Saturday, you will have THE SPECIAL in your in-box on Sunday morning. Nee messin’.

That is all.


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