There’s been a lot of talk over the last year about supporters chucking season tickets. I’m Seasonticketsure many of you reading this know friends and fellow fans who have decided enough is enough with Mike Ashley’s running of the club and simply decided to cut off the direct debit as an act of protest at how the man has brought the club to one crisis after another.

Clearly, United is in something of a flap about the whole thing as its inconceivable Ashley would have been appeared on TV had the stands not been emptying rapidly in a mixture of discontent, protest and sheer boredom. Additionally, the deadline for season ticket renewals would not have been pushed back had the rate of renewal been anything like normal.

Our touts inside the ticket office, tell us season ticket direct debits have been cut off at a rate never experienced before and renewals are at an all time low.

Our wee survey is designed to test the water and see what you have done.


As well as that, please let us have the comments of season ticket holders – those who have chucked it and those are sticking. Your votes and comments will be of interst.

That is all.