As we bask in the afterglow of two fantastic wins at Spurs and Man City, we also have breezi_placeit-8something of a wee celebration of our own as well.

Our Saturday Special newsletter which we began last season, has now reached its 50th issue and will go out to subscribers tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.

The Special newsletter has proven to be extremely popular and a good few thousand of you now receive it each week with the feedback extremely encouraging. We’re delighted with how its going.

When we made the switch from hard-copy to digital with the fanzine, some of you got the hump that you wouldn’t have anything to read on match-days as you didn’t fancy dragging a tablet or i-pad to the match. Fair play.

We have responded to that by bringing an extended version of The Special and whilst young Mr Harrison our redoubtable Deputy Editor has made a sterling job on his own over the last year we have now added regular writers Alex Hurst, Mark Brophy and Guy Hannay-Wilson to The Special’s writing stable and as a result we believe we have a much better offer for you.

Naturally, Glenn, our design genius is doing a sterling job bringing you a great looking product as well.

Although The Special looks great on any device, we have really intended it to be read on smart-phones by Mags on the move to and from games, sitting waiting for your mates in the pub or even at the match. The pieces are in small bite-size chunks which we think suits a match-day rather than the longer, big, in-depth pieces we do in the fanzine with all of the bells and whistles now part of that brilliant publication.

Another positive of The Special is that you don’t have to go hunting all over for it in newsagents or from match-day sellers as you once did for the hard-copy fanzine. It comes to you.

All you need to do to get signed up for The Special is click here and you’ll have it in your in-box first thing tomorrow morning.

It is absolutely and totally FREE of charge.

We’re keen for The Special to reach as many people as possible, so please let on to your mates about it.


That is all.