Eyes down, its another Podcast led by the big lads, yon Taylor & Besty with true faith’s GeorgeCgob-shite editor, Michael Martin and our very special guest, yon George Caulkin, NE Football correspondent with The Times raising the tone and bringing two bags of Haribos, knocking back offers of Peroni and giving the ginger biscuits a wide berth at Chez TF. Despite that, we like George, one of the most respected football writers working the beat north of Scotch Corner … or south of it for that matter.

You don’t need to be a genius (which is just as well, quite honestly, as I’ve met some of you) to work out what the big subject for debate was this evening (Tuesday) less than 24 hours after the transfer window creaked shut with Joe Kinnear with his finger up his hole.

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