When they aren’t dipping their toes into film-making our two stalwarts of the true faith : GeorgeCPODCAST, Taylor & Besty are doing well, the true faith : PODCAST.

Here is the latest one, recorded in the aftermath of another fun-packed January transfer window and with none other than The Times’ North East football correspondent, your friend and ours, George Caulkin, respected scribe of this parish and canny lad.

In this PODCAST you will hear a lot about midget gems, player cards, whether Newcastle United is up for sale, the starvation rations now put on for hacks visiting St James’ Park and bits about Mike Ashley’s manoeuvrings in Govan.

It lasts about an hour and 15 minutes, so ideal for journeys to and from school, college, Uni, work or to blot out the pain of travelling to a luxury villa on the outskirts of Milan, perhaps at Lake Como amongst the wine groves, in a warm climate amidst beautiful scenery and culture. Pray for Chloe.

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