Given the news this week that Steve McClaren is the new Head Coach of Newcastle United,Podcastweeklyimage a few of us assembled to record a new episode of the true faith : WEEKLY PODCAST.

I was honoured to be invited to join Alex, Si and Richy for a good ol’ natter about matters Black & White – what the McClaren appointment mean, what it doesn’t as well as exchanging the usual conspiracy theories and all of that spiel.

The PODCAST is available now and you can get at it here

It is absolutely FREE and when you visit the link you’ll have access to any back episode of the podcast should you feel the need.

They are absolutely great for lying in the sun somewhere – on a beach, in the back garden or in a crack house or shabeen of your choosing.


No-one can ever accuse our podcast squad of being slackers and no sooner has the latest Pheonixphone1weekly podcast been put to bed as the lads will be out doing the now weekly true faith RADIO SHOW in partnership with Radio Northumberland. That will, as you expect be a wee bit different to the podcast and likely to include some interesting pieces concerning recent club history. Not to be missed.

The true faith : RADIO SHOW (RADIO NORTHUMBERLAND) is on tonight (Friday) at 7 pm and you can get at it here