Is the only way to run a football club to have a rich bloke in charge calling all the shots? Doing what he thinks best and unanswerable to anyone? What do the Germans do? What is happening at clubs like Hearts, Leeds, Portsmouth, Swansea, AFC Wimbledon, FC United of Manchester, Hereford, Northampton and probably a few more doing?

Are people like  Tan,  Oyston, Bates, Ridsdale, Allam, Ashley, the Glazers and others like them the only people qualified to run football clubs?

Are we as supporters, mere customers? Are football clubs just like any other business?

This Podcast features Peter Fanning, a board member of the Newcastle United Supporters Trust who with the true faith editor, Michael Martin (also an NUST board member) and Alex Hurst, our Pod-father in residence discussing the case for more meaningful supporter involvement in football and the increasing strength of the supporter ownership movement.

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