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You might have missed the bit though when the club concedes £18m is ear-marked in the TalkingShop enews
club’s books to be heading in the direction of one Mike Ashley this financial year. We could have signed a half decent striker for less than that … and probably a centre-half. Still, Pardew reckons Ashley loves this club just like any fan. Aye, right Alan.

You might also have missed the club refusing to discuss the restoration of the very popular singing corner as per Curva Nord in the Leazes End Level 7.

You might also have missed United refusing to discuss a price-match for tickets for away fans between us and Sunderland AFC. Seems to me they only want to do this price-match for those games where they can increase sales and its not about fair deals for fans.

The club also blanking questions about Wonga and its illegal practices as per the high profile case in the summer. Is this shark really a suitable sponsor of Newcastle United?


I think you might like this. Obsessed.


We have discovered that following a visit from Sports Direct auditors to United’s retail
outlets, the staff discount available for club merchandise has now been completely removed. This is how Ashley treats the most junior of staff at the club. Doesn’t it make you proud?


People like you write for true faith. You don’t have to have any fancy-dan qualifications, betf115_cover_ipad a published writer or be able to recite the 1965 Central League team backwards or never to have missed a home or away game since the invention of the internal combustion engine. That’s weird shit and we don’t want weirdoes on the staff. No, just so long as you have a deep love of Newcastle United and a desire to inform and entertain your fellow supporters and readers, that will do for us.

Obviously, our primary concern as a Newcastle United fanzine is every part of life at the club and that is what every single issue of our fanzine will lead on. We want original, thoughtful coverage expressing opinions that are honestly held and which hopefully enlighten readers and give us all a new way of thinking about things.

Some writers volunteer for duty and are happy to cover a subject we think will be of interest to readers but others have an idea already formed and make their pitch. Either works for us.

But we’re also interested in the football experiences of fans who might be exiled from the Geordie Motherland or live in other parts of the world or who go off following international teams and all the rest of it. That is a  very popular part of what true faith has done over many, many years. So, just because you aren’t hanging around NE1 on match-day doesn’t mean you can’t be an active writer for true faith.

Because we are an eclectic and refined bunch of wankers , we are also interested in covering some bits of music, film, books, photography, art and whatever takes our cultural fancy. So, if you’ve seen something good and you fancy doing a review for us, we’d be delighted to hear from you.

To write for true faith, just drop us a line on editor@


We are delighted to say our weekly newsletter, the true faith : SATURDAY SPECIAL breezi_placeit-8continues to grow in popularity and as a result of that we are now adding coverage to what we hope has become an intrinsic part of your football weekend.

The Special is led by our Deputy Editor, Gareth Harrison but he has been joined by true faith soldiers Mark Brophy, Alex Hurst and Guy-Hannay-Wilson. I occasionally chuck my tuppence ha’penny’s worth in as well.

I’d describe The Special as a series of nibbles of items and we have designed the newsletter in such a way that we think will be ideal to be reading when you are on the move, going to games, sitting in a car (preferably not as the driver, mind), bus, train, Metro, waiting for your mates in the pub and for that reason its ideal to be read on a smart-phone. Though its equally good on other devices – PCs, lap-tops, i-pads and tablets.

We do want The Special to fill the gap we left on match-day when we converted to digital from  hard-copy as we know for some of you, you enjoyed dipping into the fanzine at the match and reading the shorter items. We actually think this is an improvement on that and every week you will have something new, fresh and you won’t have to go hunting it for it around the match or in  newsagents. Like the fanzine (our big, in-depth read), The Special just comes to you and is waiting for you in your in-box every Saturday morning as you crawl back to the land of the living.

The Special is absolutely FREE of charge. It will cost you nowt. There are no catches. There are no scams. We won’t use your e-mail address for any kind of marketing jive. It is an extension of the fanzine and obviously what we’re banking on is you like it so much you want more and you take out a subscription. That’s the theory anyway and it seems to be working as our subs keep on growing.

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